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If you can spell well, you'll have fun here!
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1 Spelling
Author and linguist Mario Pei once declared, "English spelling is the world's most awful mess." Here are some random bits of trivia about English orthography that try to make some sense of the mess.
10 Q
Jul 03 11
3702 plays
2 Misspelled Food and Drink
Test your spelling on these well known words relating to food and drink.
10 Q
Aug 20 10
6261 plays
3 Restaurant Spelling Bee
You're about to open a large, international restaurant. The chefs are ready, and the food, drinks and tables have arrived. All you need to do is proofread the menus. Can you spell your way out of a wet profiterole?
10 Q
Mar 20 14
1476 plays
4 You Say 'Aluminum', I Say 'Aluminium'
Let's call the whole thing off... Ahem. There are some notable differences in spelling for some words between the American and British vocabulary. Think you can spell well? Come on in and find out. There's a UK bias, but don't let that put you off. ;)
10 Q
Jul 23 11
3756 plays
5 Spelling Bee in Your Bonnet
Put on your best Easter bonnet and test your spelling and fashion knowledge with this quiz.
10 Q
Jan 11 10
2907 plays
6 Words of Incredible Length
This is how it will work. I will give you some sort of information on a certain word, and you have to choose the correct spelling of the word. Sometimes, though, I will give you the word, and you have to find the definition.
10 Q
Feb 05 07
5433 plays
7 I Can't Believe I Misspelled That, Too!
This is the second quiz of my "misspelled" series. All you have to do is pick the correct spelling. This version covers the letters J-R. The correct words have American English spellings. Please check a dictionary before sending corrections!
10 Q
Sep 07 10
5277 plays
8 Commonly Misspelled Words
Here are some of the more commonly misspelled words in the English language. Can you pick out the correct spelling?
15 Q
Apr 23 08
11556 plays
9 Robyn's Apparently Average Spelling Quiz
I'm a pretty good speller, but I got these 15 words wrong in an online quiz on an educational website. Choose the correctly-spelled version. (These are American English spellings.)
15 Q
Oct 27 01
14616 plays
10 Frequently Misspelled Words
I'll give you a word and you choose the best way to spell it. Good luck.
10 Q
Oct 21 09
5844 plays
11 Spellbound by "The Sound of Music"
I was nuts about "The Sound of Music" movie, growing up. Now I am grown up, I'm still nuts about it, plus I love spelling. This is a spelling bee for "Sound of Music" lovers!
10 Q
Jul 01 08
5922 plays
12 Letters Easily Mixed Up: Easily Misspelled Words 1
See if you can answer these questions on words that can easily trip you up, usually by confusing just a few letters. Enjoy!
10 Q
Dec 09 09
5049 plays
13 Hard-To-Spell Words
Definitions are given for words which are often spelled incorrectly. Your task is to determine the word, then enter the correct spelling. Good luck!
10 Q
Dec 01 00
14658 plays
14 ANOTHER Ten Words That Make Me Stop To Think...
before I put them down in ink. Here are ten more rather difficult words to correctly spell, starting with "U" where we left off on the last quiz. See if you can get all of them right.
10 Q
Aug 11 12
1602 plays
15 Spelling Bee: Dog Breeds Edition
Spellings are based on American, AKC spellings. However, there are no instances where a correct spelling for another country is used as an incorrect spelling.
10 Q
Apr 01 08
3417 plays
16 I Can't Believe I Misspelled That!
In this quiz you will find 10 words that are often misspelled. All you have to do is pick the correct spelling. This version covers letters A-I. (The correct words are American English spelling.)
10 Q
Aug 11 10
4191 plays
17 -ance or -ence ?
This is a spelling quiz. Is it '-ance' or is it '-ence'?. Use the correct spelling to finish the word. Add the ending 'ance' or 'ence'. There may be some new words here for you, too. (No Cheating !! Hide your dictionary !!)
20 Q
Apr 12 00
12288 plays
18 Common Misspellings
Common Misspellings by High School and College Students: Are you familiar with the most common spelling demons? Test yourself on the first 25 of 100 words.
25 Q
Dec 06 01
23616 plays
19 What's my Correct Spelling?
In each question find the correct spelling?. Don't use a dictionary.
10 Q
Jul 15 01
20136 plays
20 Which Is The Correct Spelling?
Do you know the correct spelling?
10 Q
Feb 23 01
17307 plays
21 Misspelled British Place Names
Let me test you on how well you know your spelling of British place names.
10 Q
Aug 18 10
1113 plays
22 Choose the correct spelling!
This test gives four suggested spellings for each word listed. Choose the spelling you know to be correct and mark your answer accordingly.
15 Q
Jun 18 01
12648 plays
23 Spelling Bee
Not unusual words, everyday words that always require a quick check of the dictionary for correct spelling.
10 Q
Jul 09 04
22497 plays
24 Can You Define These Words?
Here are ten words I'd never heard of until recently. Do you know their meanings? I certainly didn't. These are tough, the pictured clues may help.
10 Q
Dec 13 14
1011 plays
25 A Spelling Bee that Stings
Choose the correct spelling for each word.
15 Q
Feb 19 00
53766 plays
26 YET Even MORE Words That Make Me Stop to Think
Before I put them down in ink. I didn't realize how many words in American English were hard to spell without thinking about them. Let's see how you do on this list of them, starting again with "A".
10 Q
Mar 07 12
1701 plays
27 Commonly Misspelled American Place Names
Due to the popularity of "Commonly Misspelled Country Names", I decided to make a quiz on often misspelled places in the U.S. It has cities and states.
10 Q
Jan 01 10
2265 plays
28 Impossible US Spelling Bee 2005
I was a contestant in the United States National Spelling Bee in 2005, so I decided to create a quiz with some of the words that were used, going from easy to hard. I ask that you don't use a dictionary, or it will make the quiz less fun. Good luck.
15 Q
Jul 17 05
10080 plays
29 STILL Ten MORE Words That Make Me Stop to Think
before I put them down in ink. We left off at J on the last quiz, so let us see if there are any more hard-to-spell words in the rest of the alphabet. Ones we haven't already worked on, that is. Remember, US English.
10 Q
May 16 12
1128 plays
30 Spelling Bee Winning Words
This will quiz you over some of the winning words for the "Scripps National Spelling Bee."
10 Q
Jun 05 07
7920 plays
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