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Created by dishmunky

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Freaked game quiz
"This quiz is dedicated to the hardly known movie named "Freaked", starring Alex Winter."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What band sings the "Freaked" theme at the start of the movie?
    Rob Zombie
    Henry Rollins Band

2. Which 'Freak' hates maccaroons?
    The Frog Man
    The Worm
    Ortiz, the Dawg Boy

3. What is the name of the harmful substance owned by the Everything Except Shoes Corporation?
    Zhamnot 23
    Zygroot 54
    Zygote 24
    Zygrot 24

4. Mr. T becomes the... (in the movie).
    Bearded Lady
    Star of the A-Team
    The Worm

5. What did Ricky's friend want really bad?
    A really big pair of testicles
    Huge Abs
    A really big rodney

6. Skuggs 'Freaked' something besides humans.

7. What were Skugg's guards?
    Two giant Rasta eye balls
    One green Irish Leprechaun
    Two hairy red testicles
    Four toads

8. Ricky Coogan was played by...
    Bob Sagat
    Alex Winter
    Tom Green
    Randy Quaid

9. "Head for the hills, before he..."
    kills that guy
    kills all of us
    comes after us
    wounds the freak

10. Who/what did Skuggs turn into at the end?
    A flaming piece of dog poo
    Skye Daley
    A shoe

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Compiled Jun 28 12