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New Zealand Maori Myths

Created by joanne_

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New Zealand Maori Myths game quiz
"This is mainly about Maori Gods, good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. According to Maori legend, who is the God of the forest?
    Tane Mahuta

2. When it rains the Maori believe....
    The God of the forest has called for water
    The Sky Father is crying to his children
    The God of the sea has asked for help
    The Sky Father is crying to the Earth Mother

3. Where does Maori oral tradition tell us that Maori travelled from 800-1000 years ago on a deliberate quest to find New Zealand?
    They were always from New Zealand

4. Maori believe the north island of New Zealand was created when?
    Maui fished it up
    Tangaroa burped it up in anger
    New Zealand broke in half
    Wanganui built it

5. Whakatauki are used by the Maori to teach important values and attitudes. One main saying is 'Kaore te Kumara e Korero ana mo tona reka'. This translates as:
    The divine goes first and the people follow behind
    The kumara does not talk of its own sweetness
    Take heed of the advice given by your parents
    With your food basket and my food basket the guests will have enough

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Compiled Feb 22 13