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Tigers Brain Twisters

Created by TygsOnTop

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Detroit Tigers
Tigers Brain Twisters game quiz
"Only truly rabid Tigers fans will be able to get 100% on this mind-bender!"

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1. I am the catcher who led the Tigers to a pennant in 1934, and a World Series championship in 1935. Who am I?
    Mickey Cochrane
    Charlie Gehringer
    Hank Greenberg
    Birdie Tebbets

2. This former Tiger handed the flag from Tiger Stadium's flagpole to a Tigers tri-captain in 1999, after the final game was played at that historic site. What was his name?
    Al Kaline
    Willie Horton
    Elden Auker
    Mark Fidrych

3. Which Tigers tri-captain received the flag at Tiger Stadium from a former Tiger, with the instructions to carry on the Tiger spirit and pride that accompanies donning the Olde English D?
    Dean Palmer
    Tony Clark
    Doug Brocail
    Brad Ausmus

4. This Tiger was benched for the 1968 World Series so Mickey Stanley could replace him at shortstop, freeing an outfield position for Al Kaline. What is his name?
    Dennie McLain
    Willie Horton
    Norm Cash
    Ray Oyler

5. How many saves did Todd Jones make when he won the Rolaids Relief Man Award in 2000?

6. When did Tiger Stadium receive the name "Tiger Stadium"?

7. Boston won the American League pennant in 1967, after Detroit lost to which team?
    Kansas City Athletics
    Boston Red Sox
    Chicago White Sox
    California Angels

8. Which Tigers prospect was traded in 1987 for Doyle Alexander?
    John Smoltz
    Zane Smith
    Lee Smith
    Rick Mahler

9. In which movie did a Tigers pitcher throw a perfect game?
    The Denny McLain Story
    Major League
    For Love of the Game
    Field of Dreams

10. What is the nickname of the Tigers pitcher who, in 1976, captured the imagination of baseball fans everywhere?
    The Fireball
    The Bird

11. Which Tiger hit the last home run, a grand slam, at Tiger Stadium?
    Tony Clark
    Robert Fick
    Dean Palmer
    Gabe Kapler

12. Which righthander started both the last game at Tiger Stadium, and the first game at Comerica Park?
    Hideo Nomo
    Brian Moehler
    Jeff Weaver
    Steve Sparks

13. Which Tigers' great, playing out his last year as a Pirate, befriended Jackie Robinson in 1947?
    Elden Auker
    George Kell
    Charlie Gehringer
    Hank Greenberg

14. Name the Tiger who was traded for Carlos Pena, Jeremy Bonderman, and Franklyn German.
    Jeff Weaver
    Willie Blair
    Brian Moehler
    Brad Ausmus

15. Which of the following, played their entire career as a Tiger?
    Bill Freehan
    Jim Northrup
    Norm Cash
    Mickey Lolich

16. I won the Tiger of the Year Award in 2001 with a 14-9 record and a 3.65 ERA. Who am I?
    Steve Sparks
    Jose Lima
    Jeff Weaver
    Nate Cornejo

17. Who replaced Ernie Harwell in the broadcast booth after the 2002 season?
    Eli Zaret
    No one
    Jack Morris
    Kirk Gibson

18. How many World Series rings did Ty Cobb have?

19. Which pitcher did Mickey Lolich beat in Game 7 of the 1968 World Series?
    Bob Gibson
    Nelson Briles
    Steve Carlton
    Ray Washburn

20. Which former Tiger was on the opposing team for both Roger Clemens and Kerry Woods' 20-strikeout games?
    Danny Patterson
    Brian Hunter
    Brad Ausmus
    Nelson Cruz

21. This Tigers' outfielder engaged in friendly competition with teammate Robert Fick in 2002, to see who would end up with the most assists in the Major Leagues. Who was he?
    Bobby Higginson
    George Lombard
    Wendell Magee
    Hiram Bocachica

22. What was the 1984 Tigers' season record?

23. What was the reasoning behind Jo Jo White's nickname?
    It came from the way he said his home state: Jo-ja (Georgia)
    He looked like Greenberg's dog, also named Jo-Jo
    His name was Joseph
    Jo-Jo was his real name

24. In one of the many efforts to save Old Tiger Stadium, a hug was organized in which enough people joined hands around the perimeter of the park to encircle it completely and hug it.

25. What is the name of the Tigers AAA farm club?
    Toledo Mud Hens
    Oneonta Tigers
    Erie Seawolves
    Jacksonville Suns

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