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Help, Shakespeare, I'm Dying!

Created by poodog

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Help Shakespeare Im Dying game quiz
"I give you a quote from a dying character, you tell me from which play it was taken. Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "My dear master, my captain and my emperor, let me say, before I strike this bloody stroke, farewell."
    King Henry V
    Antony and Cleopatra
    King Lear
    Titus Andronicus

2. "Villains, forbear! We are the empress' sons."
    Love's Labour's Lost
    The Comedy of Errors
    As You Like It
    Titus Andronicus

3. "I am peppered, I warrant, for this world. -A plague o' both your houses."
    Answer: (Three Words)

4. "I kiss'd thee ere I kill'd thee."
    The Winter's Tale
    The Merchant of Venice

5. "Come, trusty sword; come, blade, my breast imbrue."
    Merry Wives of Windsor
    Troilus and Cressida
    A Midsummer Night's Dream

6. "What, ho! Help, help, help!"
    King Lear
    Much Ado About Nothing
    The Taming of The Shrew

7. "Cut me to pieces, Volces; men and lads, stain all your edges on me."
    Measure For Measure
    Julius Ceasar

8. "I am unarm'd; forgo this vantage, Greek."
    Twelfth Night
    Antony and Cleopatra
    As You Like It
    Troilus and Cressida

9. Now this is an easy one! "O, I am slain. -My Lord, you have one eye left."
    Answer: (Two words)

10. This one is a bit different, but still on the subject of Shakespearean character deaths. Which of the following characters does not die in Romeo and Juliet?
    Lady Montague

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Compiled Jun 28 12