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Created by Sallyo

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Toms game quiz
"This quiz is all about people and things bearing some form of the name Thomas. See how much you know! "

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What does the name "Thomas" mean?

2. Who or what was Tom Thumb?
    All three
    A dwarf entertainer
    A breed of tomato
    A fairytale character

3. What was the surname of the character called "Thomas" in the PI series starring Tom Selleck?

4. What kind of a cat is a Tom?
    A neutered male cat.
    A tabby cat.
    A male cat.
    A Thompson's Rex.

5. One of the disciples in the New Testament was called Thomas. Later, he was known by a nickname. What was it?
    Thomas the Just
    Doubting Thomas
    True Thomas
    Thomas Gallius

6. In the old ballad, Thomas the Rhymer was called by a nickname. What was it?
    Sweet Thomas
    True Thomas
    Tam Lin
    Tom Tune

7. Which of the following names is not a form of Thomas?

8. What is a tom-tom?
    A newly discovered atomic particle
    A kind of Asian antelope
    A drum
    A Papuan totem

9. Who was Tommy Atkins?
    A 19th Century actor-manager, renowned for his affairs with leading ladies.
    A sample name used by the British Army to demonstrate form-filling.
    The pseudonym of Talia Renaldo, an early 20th Century author.
    The only survivor of the HMAS Chantilly.

10. Who was Thomas Aquinas?
    A Roman philosopher/general
    A New Testament author
    A 13th Century scholar
    A 16th Century diarist

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Compiled Jun 28 12