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Great Aussie Insults

Created by dgcox

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Great Aussie Insults game quiz
"The Aussie version of the English language is famous for the great variety of it expression. Here are some great Aussie Insults - all you have to do is fill in the missing word, mate!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. She is a ______ short of a picnic.
    Answer: (One Word - think of food and an English nobleman)

2. He is three ______ short of a full load.

3. May all you chooks turn into emus and kick your ______ down.

4. He has ______ loose in his top paddock.
    Answer: (One word - think of Skippy - plural)

5. If brains were gunpowder he couldn't blow off his ______ .

6. His father was an ______ and he was his first shock.
    Answer: (One Word - think of an occupation)

7. I wish you were a headache, then I could take an ______ and you'd go away.
    Answer: (One Word - traditionally, what is the remedy to a headache?)

8. His mother should have thrown him away and kept the ______ .
    Answer: (One Word - think about a bird - singular)

9. He's as flash as a rat with a gold ______ .
    Answer: (One Word - smile!)

10. He's one ______ short of a barbie.
    Answer: (One Word - what do Aussies thrown on the barbie - it begins with 's' and it is not a shrimp.)

11. He's not the full ______ .
    Answer: (One word - four letters - a word which meant One Pound in the pre-decimal currency days)

12. She has more ______ than cents (sense).
    Answer: (One Word - think currency)

13. They are an ______ looking for somewhere to happen.
    Answer: (One Word - not deliberate)

14. What do you think it is? ______ week?
    Answer: (One word - think of an American President prone to foolish statements?)

15. He doesn't know if he is ______ or Martha.
    Answer: (One Word - think of a masculine name)

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Compiled Oct 01 12