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New England Patriots

Created by baumsquad

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New England Patriots game quiz
"This quiz involves various questions on the players and coaches for the New England Patriots."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who was the head coach of the Patriots during the 2003 season?
    Bill Parcells
    Pete Carroll
    Grady Little
    Bill Belicheck

2. Who was the starting left tackle for the Patriots in 2003?
    Damien Woody
    Joe Andruzzi
    Matt Light
    Kenyatta Jones

3. Who wore number 82 during the 2003 season?
    Daniel Graham
    Troy Brown
    Christian Fauria
    Deion Branch

4. Who was the offensive coordinator for the Patriots in 2003?
    Charlie Weis
    Pepper Johnson
    Romeo Crennel
    Dante Scarnecchia

5. Which player started at middle linebacker and whose number was 54 in 2003?
    Roman Phifer
    Ted Johnson
    Tedy Bruschi
    Rosevelt Colvin

6. Who did the Patriots draft in the first round of 2001?
    Tom Brady
    Jarvis Green
    Richard Seymour
    Kevin Faulk

7. Who did the Patriots lose to on opening day 2003?
    St. Louis Rams
    New York Jets
    Buffalo Bills
    Miami Dolphins

8. Which stadium did the Patriots play their home games in 2003?
    Stillman Stadium
    Gillette Stadium
    Sullivan Stadium
    Schaeffer Stadium

9. Who was the Patriots kicker in 2003?
    Ken Walter
    Adam Vinatieri
    John Kasay
    Bob Barker

10. Where did wide receiver Troy Brown attend college?
    Ohio State
    Boston College

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