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History of the Canadian Navy

Created by Pat in Halifax

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History of the Canadian Navy game quiz
"This quiz covers the history of the Canadian Navy from its inception to the present. It is hoped that those who attempt it will learn something of this proud organization steeped in tradition."

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1. On October 21, 1910, Canada's navy came into being. What was its name at the time?
    His Majesty's Naval Service of Canada
    Royal Canadian Navy
    Naval Service of Canada
    Her Majesty's Naval Service of Canada

2. Though HMCS Rainbow would be Canada's first Naval vessel, commissioned on August 4, 1910, this ship was the first commissioned for 'active' duty.
    HMCS Canada
    HMCS Niobe
    HMCS Rainbow
    HMCS Ontario

3. The RCN (Royal Canadian Navy) by name came into existence when?

4. When did the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) cease to operate under that name?
    Still called the RCN

5. During the inter-war years, with budgets slashed, what was established to maintain the Royal Canadian Navy's (RCN's) manning requirements?
    Naval Colleges
    Nothing, the RCN existed on paper only during this time
    Naval Reserves

6. Though never a major player in the submarine community, Canada's Navy has always delved into submarine technology. What were the names of Canada's first two submarines?
    HMCS Rainbow, HMCS Grilse
    HMCS Ojibwa, HMCS Okanagan
    U-190, U-632
    CC.1, CC.2

7. Canada's first Naval loss of World War II occurred on June 25, 1940 when this destroyer collided with the Royal Navy cruiser HMS Calcutta while hastily evacuating personnel from the French port of St Jean de Luz. Which was it?
    HMCS Restigouche
    HMCS Saguenay
    HMCS Fraser
    HMCS St Laurent

8. As part of a lend-lease deal (ships for bases) between the US and Britain in 1940, the Royal Navy received 50 old 4-stack USN destroyers in return for establishing bases on Commonwealth soil. A number of these were turned over to the Royal Candaian Navy (RCN) for Atlantic escort duties. How many?

9. November 6, 1940 saw the first contact for the Royal Canadian Navy with the enemy at sea. This destroyer, along with the RN destroyer HMS Harvester, depth charged and sank the Italian submarine Faa di Bruno.
    HMCS Saguenay
    HMCS Assiniboine
    HMCS St Croix
    HMCS Ottawa

10. Another first saw this destroyer become the first Canadian vessel of the war fired upon by an enemy vessel.
    HMCS Ottawa
    HMCS Saguenay
    HMCS St Croix
    HMCS Assiniboine

11. The bulk of Canada's wartime Navy comprised this class of vessel.
    'Flower' class corvette
    'Bangor' class minesweeper
    'Tribal' class destroyer
    'River' class destroyer

12. Though records are still sketchy, one of the first attempts by the Allies to gain the ULTRA secret at sea occurred on September 10, 1941 when this corvette encountered U-501 south of Greenland.
    HMCS Chambly
    HMCS Spikenard
    HMCS Charlottetown
    HMCS Owen Sound

13. On August 27, 1943, this destroyer in company with an RN Task Group was the first Allied ship attacked by a new breed of German 'smart bomb'.
    HMCS Haida
    HMCS Athabaskan
    HMCS Assiniboine
    HMCS Annapolis

14. "Canada's Fightingest Ship", this Tribal Class destroyer has found a permanent home on the waterfront of Hamilton, Ontario.
    HMCS Huron
    HMCS Haida
    HMCS Algonquin
    HMCS Athabaskan

15. At the end of hostilities in 1945, Canada's Navy ranked here in the largest Allied navies.
    2nd largest
    3rd largest
    4th largest

16. Referred to as 'Cadillacs' when introduced into service, this class of destroyer was Canada's first post-war attempt at a fully designed and developed warship purely Canadian.
    'Tribal' class
    'St Laurent' class
    'River' class
    'Halifax' class

17. This destroyer was the only RCN vessel to be struck by enemy fire during the Korean War.
    HMCS Sioux
    HMCS Iroquois
    HMCS Nootka
    HMCS Huron

18. This vessel was the flagship of the Royal Canadian Navy through the late 1940s and into the 1950s.
    HMCS Bonaventure
    HMCS Magnificent
    HMCS Ontario
    HMCS Haida

19. Dubbed "Sisters of the Space Age", this destroyer class developed in the 1960s joined the Canadian Navy in the early 1970s.
    'St Laurent' class
    'River' class
    'Halifax' class
    'Tribal' class

20. Canada recently leased four of this class of submarine from the British government to replace the aging submarines acquired in the 1960s.
    'Oberon' class
    'Trafalger' class
    'Upholder' class
    'Swiftsure' class

21. These two unique vessels provide at-sea replenishment for Canada's current Naval Fleet.
    HMC Ships Protecteur and Preserver
    HMC Ships Protecteur and Provider
    HMC Ships Preserver and Provider
    HMC Ships Prestonian and Provider

22. Only one ship in the Canadian Navy has ever carried the designation DDG (Guided missile destroyer). Which is it?
    HMCS Gatineau
    HMCS Athabaskan
    HMCS Terra Nova
    HMCS Nipigon

23. This twelve-ship class of Coastal Patrol vessels began appearing in Canada's fleet in the mid 1990s.
    'Iroquois' class
    'Halifax' class
    'Kingston' class
    'Victoria' class

24. This 'Halifax' class frigate, during operations in the Persian Gulf on the War on Terrorism, boarded and confiscated a dhow carrying over $50M USD worth of drugs in early 2002.
    HMCS Ottawa
    HMCS Iroquois
    HMCS Toronto
    HMCS St John's

25. Finally, an easy one. Canada's West Coast Fleet is currently based out of ...?
    Canada does not maintain a west coast fleet
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    Esquimalt, British Columbia
    Victoria, British Columbia

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