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Gettin' Ready for Vegas, Baby!

Created by funchicago

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Las Vegas
Gettin Ready for Vegas Baby game quiz
"Questions on the rules and slang for various casino games, and general Vegas trivia to prepare even experienced players for a trip to Vegas."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What does Pai Gow mean?
    Make Winner
    Make Bust
    Perfect Hand
    Makes Nine

2. Name the two famous entertainers with their own gift shops in Caesar's Palace.
    Celine Dion & Elton John
    Celine Dion & Frank Sinatra
    Celine Dion & Wayne Newton
    Celine Dion & Jerry Seinfeld

3. You can trade in chips from one casino on the strip at a different casino.

4. According to the sign on Las Vegas Boulevard, who has been "Entertainer of the Year" for many years?
    Wayne Newton
    Danny Gans
    Siegfried and Roy

5. What is the best hand possible in Pai Gow Poker with the Fortune Bonus?
    Seven Card Royal Flush (with Joker)
    5 of a Kind (with Joker)
    Seven Card Straight Flush
    Seven Card Royal Flush

6. A Roulette Wheel with only a Single Green Zero has better odds than a Wheel with a single and a double.

7. In Texas Hold 'Em, what is the nickname for a starting hand with an Ace and a King?
    Answer: (Two Words)

8. What is the "textbook" way to play the blackjack hand of A-A?
    Double Down

9. You have an equal chance at hitting a jackpot in a slot machine at a casino as one in the airport.

10. What famous casino hosts the World Series of Poker each year?
    The Flamingo
    The Horseshoe
    The Golden Nugget
    Caesar's Palace

11. If you bet $10 on a single number on the roulette wheel and it hits, how much do you get paid?

12. It is legal to be topless at a hotel pool in Las Vegas.

13. What is the only hotel in Vegas to be blown up and then rebuilt from the ground up with the same name?
    The Sands
    The Flamingo
    The Aladdin
    Caesar's Palace

14. If you bet "the field" what game are you playing?
    Video Poker

15. Finish this quote: "What happens in Vegas, ________
    Answer: (Three Words.)

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Compiled Jun 28 12