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Jim Bouton's "Ball Four"

Created by d2407

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Jim Boutons Ball Four game quiz
"One of the New York Public Library's 100 Books of the Century, "Ball Four", is funny, informative, and about much more than baseball in 1969."

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1. What are the first words of "Ball Four?"
    I can't believe it... just cannot believe it
    [Nuts!] Benched again
    I'm 30 years old and I have these dreams
    "Ball four." Two words that no pitcher wants to hear

2. What is "The Flame?"
    The "mother of all hot-foots"
    That look that Sal 'The Barber' Maglie gives when he's mad at you
    The 96 mph fastball thrown by a 17-year-old who worries Bouton
    A "restaurant" used in a practical joke

3. "One of these days, maybe I'll figure out how to" do something, writes Bouton at one point. "It sounds like a valuable pitching weapon." Do what?
    Smoke him inside
    Zitz a guy
    Bean someone and make it look like an accident

4. What is Joe Schultz's seemingly constant companion whenever Bouton wants to discuss getting more time in the pitching rotation?
    A liverwurst sandwich
    A fifth of Jack Daniels
    A can of tuna fish
    A goldfish who receives more of Schultz's attention than does Bouton

5. During Bouton's stint in the minors, what form of poisoning does he claim to suffer?
    Mai tai
    Arm rot

6. What cartoon character impersonation did Marty Pattin frequently draw laughs with?
    Porky Pig as an English Lit professor
    Donald Duck having an orgasm
    Mickey Mouse talking back to Joe Schultz
    Elmer Fudd explaining how to throw a "cuwve ball"

7. Eddie O'Brien is called "Mr. Small Stuff" because of:
    His anatomy
    His bottlecap collection
    His batting average as a player
    His obsession with meaningless matters

8. What does Joe Schultz say when he sees a player's wife drinking a Coke?
    Hey! When'd they run out of Pepsi?
    It's the real thing!
    You'll never make it on that, my dear.
    Can I get you some rum for that, honey?

9. What could be better than a Fourth of July double-header in Kansas City?
    How about a Fourth of July double-header in Kansas City where you're not blown out by the third inning?
    Everything up to and including a kick in the [rear]
    Throw in some of that great KC barbeque between games and you're talking!
    Oh, death maybe. Or facing Boog Powell three times in one inning

10. Who were George Saviano and Al Gornie?
    The founders of the Jim Bouton fan club
    They both claimed to be married to the same woman
    The last two American League batters Bouton faced
    The original batboys for the Seattle Pilots

11. What does "ding dong" mean in the book?
    A pitched ball hitting the catcher in his protective cup
    A home run
    The sound of the bullpen phone ringing
    A fan who talks too much and doesn't know what he's talking about

12. When Mike Hegan is filling out a public relations questionnaire, what is the first answer he proposes to the question "What is the most difficult thing about playing major-league baseball?"
    Answering questions like this
    Hitting, pitching, running, throwing
    Explaining to your wife why *she* needs a penicillin shot for *your* kidney infection
    Keeping a straight face in my ridiculous uniform

13. At Cafe Bohemia in Washington DC, what did Eddie O'Brien have for dinner?
    Fried chicken
    Buffalo burger

14. Which of the following is most closely-related to "chin music?"
    Purpose pitch

15. Which player listed below never roomed with Jim Bouton in "Ball Four?"
    Mike Marshall
    Tommy Davis
    Steve Hovley
    Bob Lasko

16. The Pilots' official team photo was taken between July 25 and July 27. What is one thing below that does NOT help us know this?
    The scoreboard in the photo
    The Pilots' schedule
    The players in the photo
    Bouton's stories about the photo session

17. What children's TV show did Bouton mention frequently in the book?
    Captain Video
    Howdy Doody
    Tom and Jerry
    Romper Room

18. During an insult contest, who or what does Merritt Ranew say Fred Talbot looked like?
    A plumber
    Joe Schultz
    Woody Allen
    A perch

19. Why did baseball players love Washington DC's Shoreham Hotel so much?
    The location
    The room service
    The bar
    The layout

20. Where was Jim Bouton when he found out he'd been traded to Houston?
    Hosting his son's birthday party

21. What was "Proud to be an Astro?"
    The title of the last section of "Ball Four"
    The Astros' official fight song
    A raunchy ditty that the Astro players sing
    A drinking game

22. Where did Jim's family live in September 1969 while he was with the Astros?
    In the visiting NFL locker room at the Astrodome
    At Astroworld Hotel
    With his wife's grandfather
    At a NASA training facility that hadn't been used for two years

23. Jim was traded to Houston for Dooley Womack. How else does Dooley Womack make an appearance in "Ball Four?"
    The Yankees invented a dance based on Womack's on-field mannerisms
    Jim's manager compared him to Dooley Womack after he had a splendid spring training
    He was on the bullpen's "All-Ugly Team"
    He'd get mad when Joe Pepitone would call him "Wooley Domack"

24. In scolding the team after a sloppy loss, who did Harry Walker say they looked like?
    Molly Putz
    Barney Fife
    Captain Kangaroo
    Tom Thumb

25. Finish the book as Jim did: "You see, you spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball..."
    and then, one pitch and... Ball Four!
    but then it IS only baseball. Time to move on.
    but it's baseball that takes a big piece out of you in the end.
    and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.

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