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What Would They Have Done in 60 or 61?

Created by uglybird

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 1960s TV
What Would They Have Done in 60 or 61 game quiz
"Certain behaviors and mannerisms typified many of the TV characters in the early 1960's. Can you guess what these giants of prime time would have done in 1960 or 1961"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Fred and Barney are leaving "the girls" for a night of hedonistic abandonment. In what activity are they likely to engage?
    Bar hopping
    Watching "R" rated movies

2. Bret and Bart are engaged in a favorite Maverick family pastime. They are most likely doing what?
    Robbing banks
    Shooting Indians
    Arresting bad guys
    Playing poker

3. Kookie has just finished parking a car in the 77 Sunset Strip parking lot. Which of the following is he most likely to do next?
    Flash a peace sign.
    Comb his hair.
    Light up a reefer.
    Check the seats of the car for loose change.

4. Wyatt Earp, played by Hugh O'Brien, has just walked into the saloon. Which action would be most characteristic of him?
    Yanking out his gun and firing a shot to get everyone's attention.
    Asking the bartender for whiskey.
    Asking the bartender for a milk.
    Shaking down the bartender for protection money.

5. Boris Badenov wants to kill Moose and Squirrel. He will likely try to accomplish it in what fashion?
    He will try to drown them.
    He will use a gun with a silencer.
    He will use a bomb.
    He will poison them.

6. Ricky Nelson is at a dance. What are you likely to find him doing?
    Sitting on the stage behind a drum set confessing that he was a poor little fool
    Standing on stage, guitar in hand singing about Mary Lou
    Standing on the stage, thumping a bass, bragging that he has a girl in every port
    Sharing a flask with his brother David

7. Donna Reed's husband is called out at night to work. What will he be doing?
    Fixing pipes
    Chasing criminals
    Serving drinks
    Providing medical care

8. The bad guys have burned down the victim's ranch house, driven off the cattle and taken his daughter captive. The town Sheriff is in cahoots with them. If this happens at the beginning of the show in which Richard Boone starred, what event might occur in the next scene?
    The scene will shift to the Hotel Carlton in San Francisco where a man in black laughs maniacally.
    The victim will receive a card in the mail on which is written "Have Gun Will Travel. Wire Paladin San Francisco."
    The victim will receive ransom note from Paladin.
    The villain, Kam Tong will be shown leering at the victim's daughter.

9. Before certain contestants came on stage for the classic show, "What's My Line", what would Arlene Francis do?
    Hand an envelope to the game show host.
    Put on a mask.
    Start to giggle uncontrollably.
    Dig Bennet Cerf in the ribs with her elbow.

10. Despite admirably restraining sexual content and providing moral and generally happy endings, television writers favorably showcased two behaviors in the early 1960's that now account for at least one half of all deaths of people who die prior to reaching their life expectancy.

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