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Created by centerice

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Sportscenter game quiz
"A quiz about my favorite show. Behind the scenes knowledge will be helpful. I hope you enjoy it."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which anchor is the originator of the catchphrase "It's deep and I don't think it's playable"?
    Keith Olbermann
    Chris Berman
    Kenny Mayne
    Dan Patrick

2. Which two anchors often said "Say hello to my little friend"?
    Dan Patrick and Kenny Mayne
    Rich Eisen and Steve Berthiaume
    Keith Olbermann and Linda Cohn
    Steve Levy and John Anderson

3. When does Steve Berthiaume say "mahalo"?
    Neil Everett has just given the time in Hawaii that a show is to air.
    A hockey player has just scored a goal.
    They are showing golf footage.
    A fan is shown wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

4. How many questions are in the "Coors Light Silver Spotlight"?
    a six-pack

5. What is the name of the series of "Sportscenter" commercials?
    This is "Sportscenter"
    Watch "Sportscenter" More
    Ads For Our Show
    Please Watch Our Program

6. Name the anchor who once wore custom-made jockey's silks during the intro.
    John Anderson
    Kevin Frazier
    Matt Winer
    Kenny Mayne

7. Which anchor once hit himself in the head with a subway car?
    Keith Olbermann
    Mike Greenberg
    Dan Patrick
    Trey Wingo

8. According to Steve Berthiaume, what are the three kinds of goalie saves in hockey?
    elbow, knee, leg
    glove, kick, stick
    leg, mask, arm
    elbow, glove, stick

9. What kind of cake did Matt Winer promise viewers if they got a multiple choice question right?
    seven layer
    angel food
    Lady Baltimore

10. Name the anchor who claims not to have a catchphrase despite repeated episodes with him saying; "He's running like people are chasing him".
    Steve Levy
    Rich Eisen
    Stuart Scott
    John Anderson

11. Who are the "Quarterback" and the "Professor"?
    Rob Dibble and Kevin Frazier
    Sean Salisbury and John Clayton
    John Buccigross and Dan Patrick
    Rece Davis and Linda Cohn

12. Which anchor changed his last name when a former employer told him; "You couldn't really be a TV anchor and have people take you seriously with a name like that"?
    John Buccigross
    Scott Van Pelt
    Rece Davis
    Dan Patrick

13. How many times an episode does Stuart Scott Prefer to say "boo-yah"?
    as many times as warranted

14. Keith Olbermann once did a commercial for which restaurant chain?
    The Keg
    Olive Garden
    Boston Market
    Red Lobster

15. Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann were once in a video for which music group?
    Hootie and the Blowfish
    Def Leppard
    Spice Girls

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Compiled Jun 28 12