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The English Civil War

Created by picqero

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The English Civil War game quiz
"The English Civil War took place in the mid 17th Century. Although commonly called the "English Civil War", it was in fact fought throughout the whole of Great Britain and Ireland."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who was the reigning monarch during the English Civil War?
    Charles I
    Charles II
    James I
    George II

2. One type of soldier was the "musketeer". These were mainly officers who wore colourful and rather flamboyant clothes.

3. Which of these types of soldier did not fight in the English Civil War?

4. Huge quantities of gunpowder were used during the English Civil War. Which of these is not an ingredient of gunpowder?

5. Which terms describe the two opposing forces of the English Civil War most accurately?
    Monarchists and Levellers
    Roundheads and Cavaliers
    Royalists and Parliamentarians
    Loyalists and Republicans

6. Which of these was not a senior officer on the parliamentary side?
    Sir Ralph Hopton
    Robert Rich, Earl of Warwick
    Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex
    Sir Thomas Fairfax

7. This Royalist general was a senior cavalry officer who later commanded the Royalist Navy. Later he became a fairly prominent scientist, and was elected a Member of the Royal Society, which is still Britain's most prominent scientific association.
    Sir Jacob Astley
    Prince Rupert of the Rhine
    Sir Beville Grenville
    William Cavendish, Earl of Newcastle

8. This dour English puritan merchant and landowner was at first an infantry officer, and later commanded the Parliamentarian Navy. 150 years later, Nelson said that he "did not consider himself to be this man's equal".
    Sir Cloudesley Shovell
    Sir William Waller
    Sir Arthur Aston
    Robert Blake

9. Which of these is not a type of artillery piece used at the time of the English Civil War?

10. Which of these was a Civil War nickname for cavalrymen, first given to Oliver Cromwell's regiment, but later applied generally?

11. Various types of musket and pistol were in use during the English Civil War. Which of these is not a type of musket or pistol?
    Wheel lock
    Cage lock

12. Which of these is not a major English Civil War battle?
    Battle of Marston Moor
    Battle of Otterburn
    Battle of Adwalton Moor
    Battle of Edgehill

13. When was the King executed?
    February 1650
    January 1649
    December 1648
    December 1649

14. What title was assumed by Oliver Cromwell, during his leadership of the Country after the English Civil War?
    Earl Marshall
    Lord Protector
    High Commander

15. Some years after the English Civil War, the former King's son was invited back to England by Parliament and crowned King. This event is known as?
    the Remonstrance
    the Restoration
    the Reclamation
    the Restitution

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