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NFL: Retired Numbers

Created by fritzer

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NFL  Retired Numbers game quiz
"It is a high honor for a pro football player to have his jersey number retired by his team, never to be worn again. These questions relate to those teams, numbers, and honorees."

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1. The Colts' franchise has retired the number 19, belonging to which man that many call the greatest of all time?
    Raymond Berry
    Gino Marchetti
    Lenny Moore
    Johnny Unitas

2. The Green Bay Packers retired the number 3 for which player, who died in November 2003 at age 84?
    Don Hutson
    Bart Starr
    Paul Hornung
    Tony Canadeo

3. The first Buffalo Bills jersey number to be retired was 12. Who did it belong to?
    Andre Reed
    O. J. Simpson
    Jim Kelly
    Jack Kemp

4. The San Diego Chargers have retired the number 14. Who were they honoring?
    Answer: (Two words or just surname. Another quarterback seen on TV often.)

5. The Chicago Bears have had so many great players and retired their numbers, that they may someday run out of numbers. Number 41 belonged to the subject of an immensely popular made-for-TV 1971 movie with a very sad ending. What was the movie titled?
    "Running to Eternity"
    "The Galloping Ghost"
    "They Call Him Bronko"
    "Brian's Song"

6. Which team has retired two sequential numbers, both worn by fantastic quarterbacks: Number 12 led the team from 1967 to 1979; Number 13 from 1983 to 1999?

7. The Seattle Seahawks have retired the number 80. The man honored had gone on to a successful political career, and had been a candidate for governor of his home state. Who is he?
    Brian Blades
    Brian Bosworth
    Steve Largent
    Curt Warner

8. In an unusual move, the Seattle Seahawks retired the number 12. Who was being honored?
    Two quarterbacks, Jim Zorn and Dave Krieg (both wore No. 12)
    The fans ("the Twelfth Man")
    Jack Patera, the franchise's first head coach ("Ol' No. 12")
    Warren Moon, Seahawks quarterback 1997-98 (because the Houston Oilers refuse to retire numbers)

9. The Rams, who for many years resided in Los Angeles, California, have retired the number 7. It was worn by a quarterback who was once married to one of Hollywood's most incredibly constructed actresses. He was a great football player out of UCLA, but who was she?
    Jane Russell
    Jayne Mansfield
    Marilyn Monroe
    Deanna Dors

10. The Cleveland Browns retired the number 76, honoring which one of the all-time great football place-kickers?
    Jan Stenerud
    Charlie Sanders
    Tom Dempsy
    Lou Groza

11. The Cleveland Browns retired the number 32. This honored a Hall of Fame running back, holder for decades of the NFL record for career yards per attempt at 5.22 yards. Who was this great?

12. The Denver Broncos retired which number in honor of John Elway?

13. Which great lineman from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will never see his number 63 worn again on that team?
    Dexter Manley
    Lee Roy Selmon
    Mark Carrier
    Wally Chambers

14. The New Orleans Saints retired the number 31 to honor a great running back who played for them during their first season in the NFL. He played only his final NFL year with the Saints, but nine years for which famous football dynasty?
    New York Giants
    Green Bay Packers
    Detroit Lions
    Kansas City Chiefs

15. The Vikings retired the number 88 in honor of their great defensive lineman of the 1960s and 1970s, Alan Page. Where did Alan play college football?
    Miami (Florida)
    Notre Dame

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