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Heroes 3: The Dungeon

Created by WorldB

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Heroes 3 The Dungeon game quiz
""Heroes of Might and Magic 3" is a great turn-based computer strategy game. There are different types of towns that you can choose as your starting position. This quiz is about the Dungeon town."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Each town has 7 types of creatures that can be recruited there. The non-upgraded level 1 creature available in a Dungeon town is called what?

2. Each town has the ability to build a Mage Guild. What is the highest level spell that can be learned at a Mage Guild in a Dungeon town?

3. Some creatures have natural enemies and do extra damage to them. Who are the natural enemies of the Black Dragon ?
    green dragons and gold dragons
    gold golems and diamond golems
    devils and arch devils
    giants and titans

4. Upgraded level 7 creatures in each town require money plus resources to purchase. The upgraded level 7 creature in the Dungeon town is the Black Dragon. Which resource type is required to buy one?

5. The Mana Vortex is a building that only the Dungeon town can build. What purpose does this building serve?
    makes your available spell points double your maximum
    increases your maximum spell points by 50%
    restores your spell points to maximum in one day
    increases a hero's power by 2 permanently

6. Each town has access to 2 types of starting heroes, a magic type & a might type. Which are the two starting hero types available for Dungeon towns?
    Ranger and Druid
    Overlord and Warlock
    Alchemist and Wizard
    Beastmaster and Witch

7. The Blacksmith in a Dungeon town produces a Healing Tent.

8. When a hero advances a level, one of his or her primary skills goes up and he or she gains a new or improved secondary skill. Which primary skill is most likely to go up when a level 1 Warlock advances to level 2?
    Knowledge and Power have an equal chance of increasing

9. When a Dungeon town is fully built, where is the Harpy Loft located?
    upper center
    lower left
    upper left
    lower right

10. If a Medusa attacks in hand-to-hand combat, what is the percentage chance it will petrify its foe?
    0%. Medusas do not have a petrifying attack

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Compiled Jun 28 12