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What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
folder Galaga (3) folder Gears of War (22)
folder Gladius (2) folder God of War (8)
folder Godfather, The (2) folder Golden Sun (17)
folder Goldeneye (11) folder Gran Turismo (6)
folder Grand Theft Auto (85) folder Grandia (3)
folder Guild Wars (49) folder Guitar Hero (41)
folder Gun (2) folder Half-Life Games (10)
folder Halo Games (72) folder Harry Potter Games (20)
folder Harvest Moon (22) folder Heavy Rain (5)
folder Heroes (13) folder Hitman (13)
folder House of the Dead (3) folder Icewind Dale (3)
folder Illusion of Gaia (6) folder In the Groove (2)
folder Indigo Prophecy (2) folder InFamous (2)
folder Jagged Alliance (4) folder Jak and Daxter (20)
folder James Bond Games (1) folder KartRider (2)
folder Kid Icarus (3) folder King of Fighters (6)
folder King's Quest (14) folder Kingdom Hearts Games (157)
folder Kingdom of Loathing (2) folder Kirby (34)
folder Klonoa (4)
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1 Hogs of War
This is a quiz about "Hogs of War", a turn-based strategy game for the PlayStation and PC. The game is very similar to "Worms", but with pigs instead! Enjoy the quiz.
15 Q
May 27 15
42 plays
2 Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak
These are questions about the game "Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak" which can be played on the Game Boy Advance.
10 Q
Feb 25 15
63 plays
3 'Hearthstone': Priest Basic Deck
How well do you know your priest deck in the popular iPad game 'Hearthstone' by Blizzard Entertainment?
10 Q
Jan 22 15
84 plays
4 Kerbal Space MADNESS
A quiz about the video game "Kerbal Space Program" (PC), a long-running project aimed at simulating space exploration by a race of cutesy green creatures facing off against harsh, ultra-realistic physics.
10 Q
Nov 03 14
72 plays
5 Journey
The third game by thatgamecompany follows in the footsteps of their previous games, and blurs the line between gaming and art, in the thought-provoking 'Journey', for PlayStation 3.
10 Q
Apr 17 12
132 plays
6 Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
"Henry Hatsworth" is a Nintendo DS game, using both screens. Gameplay is on the top screen with a linked puzzle game on the interactive screen, which can help or hinder your progress. The object is to find the various parts of a golden suit.
10 Q
Nov 05 09
147 plays
7 "Golden Axe"
How much do you know about the 1989 classic Sega game "Golden Axe"?
10 Q
Aug 08 13
93 plays
8 "Jet Set Radio Future" for X Box
This 2002 X Box title returned players to the world of "Jet Grind Radio", with new characters and a quirky world to explore. Here's a look at the game. Thanks and have fun.
10 Q
Sep 12 07
237 plays
9 Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Indiana Jones took on the Nazis in a race to Atlantis in this 1992 LucasArts Point-and-Click adventure game on the PC. Do you remember this classic?
10 Q
Jun 07 09
171 plays
10 "Hoyle Board Games 2003"
This is a quiz all about "Hoyle Board Games 2003."
20 Q
Jul 25 07
339 plays
11 Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
Developed by EA Tiburon, this quaint Nintendo DS puzzler is equal parts pompous, gentlemanly, fiendish, and British. Play the role of Henry Hatsworth and head on an adventure to the Puzzle Realm. Good luck!
10 Q
Oct 20 11
96 plays
12 ICO
I was surprised to find no quizzes on this excellent PS2 game, so I decided to give any "ICO" fans something to compliment their "ICO" gaming experience. Have fun, this shouldn't be too hard! (PAL version knowledge required, spoilers.)
10 Q
Oct 13 04
198 plays
13 "Gauntlet": The Original Dungeon Game
This quiz is based on the Atari fantasy maze video game "Gauntlet".
10 Q
Mar 30 12
123 plays
14 Grim Fandango
This is a 'Grim Fandango' quiz. 'Grim Fandango' is a Lucasarts game, very long, very hard, and very sad in the end. This quiz is about the characters, the places, and everything else.
10 Q
Feb 06 04
465 plays
15 "Gold Rush!" for PC (Sierra, 1988)
1848. You are Jerrod Wilson, living the life of a Eastern newspaper editor. Suddenly, you receive a letter from your long-lost brother, Jake, in California. Travel west, search for gold, and locate your brother in this adventure game.
10 Q
Jan 06 12
114 plays
16 Mickey and Minnie's Great Circus Mystery
This quiz is about the cute game for the Super Nintendo, "The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey and Minnie". In this game, Mickey and Minnie Mouse have to save the circus from Pete and evil ghosts.
10 Q
Jun 25 06
150 plays
17 "Gauntlet Legends": The Worlds
For those of you who have played the game of "Gauntlet: Legends" on the Nintendo 64, then you won't have a problem with this quiz, but even if you have played make sure you know what the names of the worlds are because here we go...
15 Q
Feb 14 07
177 plays
18 Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns
This PC Game won 'Best War-Sim Game of 2001'. Here's some general questions about the basics of the game.
10 Q
Aug 09 06
132 plays
19 Geometry Wars Evolved
A quiz on the video game "Geometry Wars Evolved" for the Xbox 360 and also for the PC.
10 Q
Jul 05 07
207 plays
20 'Killzone 2 / 3' - PS3
This quiz regards 'Killzone 2' and 'Killzone 3', both on the PS3, and note this quiz does contain spoilers.
10 Q
Mar 05 13
90 plays
21 Garfield: Caught in the Act
Garfield takes his first adventure in this lesser-known game where he is magically sent into the TV. This quiz is based on all versions of the game, but most questions apply to the PC version. Good luck!
10 Q
Oct 13 06
201 plays
22 Imperialism II (PC version)
Released in 1999, this PC game is turn-based, and encompasses the technologies, military units and exploration typical to the sixteenth through ninteenth centuries. If you've played it before, this quiz ought to be simple.
10 Q
Aug 01 07
144 plays
23 How's Your 'Killer Instinct'?
'Killer Instinct' is quite possibly one of the greatest fighting games of all time. How well do you know it? All questions will be based on the UK version of the game, for the Super Nintendo (SNES).
10 Q
Feb 04 08
186 plays
24 A Journey Through The "Journey" Arcade Game
In 1983, the "Journey" arcade video game was unleashed upon the world. Since then it's been recognized as one of the WORST video games ever. I thought it deserved a quiz. Enjoy.
15 Q
Nov 10 11
126 plays
25 "Hydra" for the Atari Lynx
This classic of the early 1990s made its debut in the arcade and moved to the short-lived Lynx handheld system. It was an exciting game with a great variety of challenges. Hope you enjoy this quiz. Thanks.
10 Q
Feb 26 08
162 plays
26 The Dark World of "Hexen"
"Hexen" (PC, PS1, Sega Saturn, N64) is a first-person fantasy shooter game released in 1995. How much do you know about this classic game?
10 Q
Jul 11 13
102 plays
27 "Ghost Trick Phantom Detective" (NDS)
"Ghost Trick Phantom Detective" is a unique and great game, made by the creators of the "Ace Attorney" games. Warning: contains spoilers.
10 Q
Mar 27 12
99 plays
28 The Immortal
This is the first quiz about "The Immortal", covering the NES and Amiga versions. This quiz is fairly difficult. Also, it contains some spoiler information.
15 Q
Jun 14 07
126 plays
29 Jet Force Gemini
"Jet Force Gemini" is (in my opinion) the greatest game ever made, not just for N64, but ever. I hope you enjoy my quiz.
10 Q
Dec 05 03
225 plays
30 "Haunting Ground"
Okay! I noticed there weren't any "Haunting Ground" quizzes on here. I thought that was horribly wrong so I created one! This game is played on the Playstation 2.
10 Q
Jul 19 09
123 plays
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