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"Tests and Breasts"

Created by Polaris101

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Tests and Breasts game quiz
"Lindsay tutors Daniel, and Neal, Sam and Bill search for the meaning of a joke in episode 5."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What nickname does Sam receive from Coach Fredricks in sex education class?
    Luke Lovewalker
    The Obi-Wan of Love
    Dr. Love
    Love Doctor

2. What class does Daniel have the dreaded test in?

3. Do Sam's parents tell him the meaning of the joke when he tells it to them?

4. Who gives Sam, Neal and Bill the porno movie?
    Neal's dad
    Coach Fredricks
    What porno movie?

5. Lindsay tells Millie the truth about whether she helped Daniel cheat on the test.

6. What TV show does Neal try to talk about at lunch?
    Charlie's Angels
    Three's Company
    Dukes of Hazzard

7. How did Coach Fredricks know which question in sex education was Sam's?
    He put his name on it
    Sam told him which question was his
    He recognized the handwriting
    He's the only one with "Star Trek" notebook paper

8. Who wrote the note telling Mr. Kowchevski that Lindsay helped Daniel cheat on the test?
    No one
    Mr. Kowchevski

9. At the disciplinary meeting when Daniel is asked to answer one question to prove he and Lindsay didn't cheat, the piece of paper he wrote on said "Van Halen Rocks".

10. What was Lindsay's response at the disciplinary meeting when Daniel started explaining about how he was told he was dumb when he was eleven years old?
    she confessed
    none of them
    she got up and walked out
    she started laughing

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Compiled Apr 09 14