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Joseph Joachim - Not Just Another Fiddler

Created by Arpeggionist

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Joseph Joachim  Not Just Another Fiddler game quiz
"Joseph Joachim was one of the most famous violinists and general musicians of his day. But in our day, unfortunately, his name is only associated with other composers."

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1. In what city was Joachim born?
    Berlin, Germany
    Vienna, Austria
    Kitsee, Hungary
    Kalist, Bohemia

2. With which of these composers was Joachim not associated?
    Max Bruch
    Franz Liszt
    Erik Satie
    Felix Mendelssohn

3. For which of the following pieces is Joachim most famous as a composer?
    Overture to Hamlet
    All of these
    Overture to Henry VIII
    Concerto for Violin No. 2 "Hungarian"

4. Which of these positions did Joachim not have during his lifetime?
    Director of the Hochschule - the music school - in Berlin
    Concertmaster of Liszt's orchestra at Weimar
    Cantor of St. Thomas' Church in Leipzig
    First violinist of the Joachim Quartet which he founded

5. Joachim was born a Roman Catholic.

6. For which of the following concerti for violin did Joachim not write a cadenza?
    Ludwig van Beethoven's concerto in D major
    His own "Hungarian" concerto in D minor
    Johannes Brahms' concerto in D major
    Felix Mendelssohn's concerto in E minor

7. Which of these composers did not dedicate his own violin concerto to Joachim?
    Antonin Dvorak
    Johannes Brahms
    Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    Max Bruch

8. Joachim was the first composer to be recorded.

9. In 1903, the Symphony Hall in Cleveland was to be dedicated. The musical director there wanted a famous musician to dedicate the hall. Joachim was one of his choices, but turned down the invitation. Who did dedicate the hall?
    Joachim changed his mind upon the mention of the large amount of money promised for the one performance.
    Edvard Grieg
    Richard Strauss
    Lili Lehman

10. Among other things, Joachim also arranged other people's music. Which of these pieces did he not arrange for violin and piano?
    Dohnanyi's "Ruralia Hungarica" for piano
    Brahms' "Hungarian Dances"
    Dvorak's "Slavonic Dances"
    His own "Andante and Rondo" for violin and orchestra

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