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Created by floridatan

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Earworms game quiz
"Earworms are songs that have annoying repetitive choruses that stick in your brain. How many will you be humming by the end of this quiz?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Toni Basil Cheered her way through this 1980's earworm.
    "Hey Mickey"
    "Oh Mickey"
    "Mickey Mouse"

2. Who got Jenny's phone number, "867-5309" off the wall?
    Tommy Tutone
    Donny Osmond
    The Police

3. Devo, wearing red flower pots on their heads cracked out this earworm tune
    "Whip it Good"
    "Whipped Cream"
    "Beat It"
    "Whip It"

4. The B-52's needed a new tin roof and drove a Chrysler in their earworm song.
    "Love Shack"
    "Deadbeat Club"
    "Rock Lobster"
    "Studio 54"

5. You can knock this 1997 group down for creating the annoying earworm "Tubthumping" but they'll get back up again!
    The Clash
    Club Nouveau

6. Los Del Rio's 1996 dance and earworm in one!
    "Tengo Tengo"
    "Fiesta Macarena"

7. Part of the chorus from Hanson's 1997 earworm was "Ba du ba dop du be du ba du be dop"!
    Middle of Nowhere
    Mmm Pop

8. Village People had a 1978 song that left the whole village singing and dancing to this earworm hit.

9. Monica, Erica, Rita, Sandra, Mary, and Jessica all suffered earworms from this 1999 hit by Lou Bega.
    "Mambo Number Five"
    "Mamma Mia"
    "Mambo Jumbo"

10. Please stand up if you know the REAL name of this shady artist, who released the 2000 earworm song "The Real Slim Shady".
    Moneys All That Matters lll
    Marshall Micheal Mathers lll
    Marshall Bruce Mathers III

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Compiled Jun 28 12