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Play Band Names Topic Mash! - Scores
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
folder Original Names of Bands (9)
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1 Where did that band get that name?
There are some rumors about how bands got their names. Let's set the record straight
10 Q
Jan 22 08
1857 plays
2 Band Names and TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms)
Many bands are also known by their initials. The bands in this quiz all commonly use a TLA (three letter acronym) to identify themselves. See if you can figure them out.
10 Q
Nov 13 10
924 plays
3 Music Repeats Itself
Some bands give themselves imaginative names and others, well, don't. This quiz is about bands who named themselves by using the same word twice or even more.
10 Q
Mar 16 12
795 plays
4 Brothers in Song
Bands formed with brothers or containing the name brothers in the title of the band.
10 Q
Mar 26 09
753 plays
5 Where Did That Band Get That Name? Part II
Some interesting trivia about names of various bands.
10 Q
Aug 05 09
564 plays
6 "And The Band" Played On I
Over the history of rock & roll, there have been many bands whose name was in the format of ___ and the _____s. How much do you know about these "and the" band names?
10 Q
Jul 25 09
603 plays
7 They're Animals!
Each question on this quiz will have a fact about a certain band that has a name having to do with animals. It is up to you to guess the band's name. Enjoy!
15 Q
Jan 27 11
705 plays
8 Let's Play 'Name That Band'!
Many bands/groups playing with country artists have interesting names, some, not so much. See how many you can identify.
10 Q
Nov 03 13
327 plays
9 Coloured Bands
A rainbow of colours in this quiz about musical groups. Ok, I can't seem to find too many 'Indigos' or 'Violets' so you will have to make do with the colours I could find.
10 Q
Oct 10 10
735 plays
10 Pseudonyms Used By '60s - '70s Bands And Artists
I'll give you a name which an artist/band used, and you tell me who the artist/band is.
10 Q
May 26 14
342 plays
11 Bands With Unusual and Interesting Names
Through the history of Billboard hits there have been some unusual band names represented. This quiz deals with some of them.
10 Q
Feb 21 10
543 plays
12 Origins of Band Names
Wanna know what some of these band names...bizarre in any realm other than music...came from or mean? Find out here.
20 Q
Aug 20 01
2592 plays
13 What's in a Name?
I'll give you the story behind the name of the band, and you tell me which band it is! All choices are REAL band names!
10 Q
Jul 06 09
741 plays
14 Band Names; What Were They Thinking
They name of a band can be very obvious like the name of the lead singer, but some bands chose a name for a particular reason. Or did they? What were they thinking when they named their band and were they thinking at all?
10 Q
Aug 27 07
1323 plays
15 Bands and Wildlife Names
All these bands have a wildlife name as part of their name. Can you identify them?
10 Q
Nov 10 09
1473 plays
16 Where Did The Band Get Its Name?
How did these bands get their names? Bands from the 60s through the 90s are included.
15 Q
Apr 25 00
2820 plays
17 One Word Name Artists
A quiz about artists on the US Top Forty through the years with a single artist name.
10 Q
Jun 09 14
390 plays
18 Ain't Never Been There, They Tell Me It's Nice
Test your knowledge about ten bands that share their names with cities, towns, or countries. Good luck!
10 Q
Jun 24 14
426 plays
19 Music with Places
Some bands are named after places and some albums are too. You tell me the places with the clues I give. Have fun and good luck!
15 Q
Jan 26 01
4845 plays
20 Pastime with Numerical Band Names
All the questions relate to bands that have numbers in their names. Some questions deal with the bands, some with the numbers and some with both. Have fun!
10 Q
Jul 24 07
456 plays
21 Black in the Name
See how many of these rock bands, (all of which feature the word "black" in their name),you are familiar with.
10 Q
Apr 27 14
612 plays
22 A Rainbow of Bands
These questions are about bands of all colours of the rainbow - plus a couple of extras, which fit the theme. Note that there is some UK bias to the quiz.
10 Q
Apr 29 13
696 plays
23 Musical Groups with Numbers in Their Name
This quiz is about musical or bands groups with numbers in their names.
15 Q
Sep 25 13
588 plays
24 Band Names Of The 60s
See if you can finish off these band names. I'll also tell you what they sang and the year.
10 Q
Aug 04 01
1713 plays
25 Colorful Band Names
This is a quiz that relates to colors in the names of bands. I will give you a song title and you will choose the band or artist that sings it.
10 Q
Mar 24 14
465 plays
26 Blue in the Name
Ten questions about ten bands who've got Blue in their name.
10 Q
Sep 18 14
366 plays
27 Groups by the Numbers
This quiz is about rock artists with numbers in their names. It covers all eras and styles of rock music, concentrating mostly on "alternative" U.S. and British artists from the 1980s and 1990s. Enjoy!
10 Q
Aug 09 08
708 plays
28 Johnny and the ????
Many bands or groups have been known as ??? and the ??. In this quiz dealing with groups of the 1950s and 60s, I give you the leader, you tell me the band/group.
10 Q
Jun 20 14
459 plays
29 Finish The Group's Name - FITB
This quiz gives you part of a group's name and you have to supply the missing word. All fill in the blank. Some are real easy while others are very difficult.
10 Q
Apr 24 00
5796 plays
30 Duos And Trios Of The 60s
Supply the name of the missing partner in these duos and trios. I'll tell you one song they sang and the year. Enjoy!!!!
10 Q
Aug 08 01
1821 plays
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This is category 2888
Last Updated Feb 22 15 1:51 PM

Some sample questions from this category:

* Members of this band claimed that they took the advice of a Ouija board to get the name of their band.
* This band was named after a quote attributed both to Aldous Huxley and to William Blake.
* This band is named after the inventor of a piece of agricultural equipment.
* This band named themselves after their annoying gym teacher.
* Which of the following bands is not named after a kind of candy?

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