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Interesting Royal Nicknames

Created by thejazzkickazz

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Interesting Royal Nicknames game quiz
"Everyone always talks about rulers with nicknames like 'The Great' or 'The Magnificent', but less is said about others with much more interesting sobriquets. This quiz will provide equal time for those other fellows...good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Henry II of Castille, who ruled solo from 1369-79 in that Iberian land, has carried with him a murderous nickname through the ages. Which of these sobriquets is his?

2. Antiochus II, who ruled the ancient Seleucid Empire from 261 to 246 B.C., did not mince with words when it came to his elevated status. He was known as 'Theos', which means which of the following in Greek?
    Son of God
    Holy spirit

3. Which Roman emperor could fittingly be called 'Bootsy' in English, based on the familiar name assigned to him?

4. For the best royal sobriquets, one needs to turn to the French. Case in point is poor Louis II, the king of France from 877 to 879 A.D. What was his unfortunate epithet?
    The Stump
    The Flatulent
    The Smelly
    The Stammerer

5. Yazdgird I, ruler of the ancient Sassanian kingdom of Persia from 399 to 420 A.D., had conflicting nicknames. One of his informal titles was Izdigerdes, or 'made by God'. His other nickname was less flattering, however. What was it?
    The Wicked
    The Incomplete
    The Fool
    The Mouse

6. As if not to be outdone by the French, the English have come up with several good epithets for their less fortunate rulers. Which ruler of England was given the title 'Lackland' because, well, he lacked his own land?
    Henry II
    Richard II

7. Some of the greatest royal nicknames were provided by the Scandinavians. For example, Sven I, one of the greatest rulers of Denmark, had what interesting sobriquet attached to his name?
    Pointed Ears
    Forked Beard
    One Eye

8. Aside from being called 'The Conquerer', William I of England was also saddled with a much less flattering nickname, 'The Bastard'.

9. Back to France and another fascinating sobriquet, this time for Louis XI, who is known in history by what creepy nickname?
    The Leech
    The Werewolf
    The Bat
    The Spider

10. King George III of England, Queen Juana of Castile and King Charles VI of France were all given what somewhat less than flattering royal nickname?
    The Idiot
    The Mad
    The Unfortunate
    The Silly

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Compiled Jun 28 12