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"WW" - "Angel Maintenance" II

Created by rj211

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'West Wing' - Season 4
WW  Angel Maintenance II game quiz
"This quiz is part II of II on the "West Wing" episode entitled "Angel Maintenance", in which Air Force One is kept in the air longer than expected. It goes chronologically through the episode and picks up where part I left off. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Why was the fighter jet having trouble determining whether or not the wheels were down?
    it was a moonless night
    winds made steady flying impossible
    it couldn't get low enough
    there were too many clouds

2. What did C.J. tell the press would be confiscated by the steward if used in violation of FCC regulations?
    cell phones
    electronic organizers

3. Who ordered the military escort for Air Force One?
    Agent Ron Butterfield
    President Bartlet

4. Where did Congressman Richardson tell Toby black kids were dying?
    the jungle
    crack dens
    maximum-security prisons
    city riots

5. When Toby suggested there were "moral imperatives" involved in intervention in Kuhndu, Richardson countered that they would need to go get everybody, beginning with whom?
    The Hutus
    The Cambodians
    Al Qaeda
    The Saudis

6. What proposed amendment did Congressman Richardson tell Toby the Black Caucus would stand behind?
    equal pay for female officers
    reinstating the draft
    equal pay for black officers
    lifelong health care benefits

7. What did Donna tell Josh she would be if anything ever happened to her?
    alone and unknown
    an "also dead"
    widely eulogized
    a "sad sack"

8. What did Leo tell Margaret the foam acted as?
    impact cushion
    flame retardant
    wheel friction

9. What was President Bartlet doing during his briefing on Columbia?
    eating dinner
    playing cards
    changing clothes
    filing papers

10. Columbia was re-certified as an ally in the United States' war on drugs.

11. After President Bartlet yelled that he wanted the plane to land, Will looked out the window and said what?
    "Is that Washington?"
    "You're an evil genius!"
    "Why are we passing the Eiffel Tower?"
    "Did it work?"

12. Frustrated that the bill he'd been negotiating with Tom Landis wouldn't make it out of committee, Josh asked Leo if the President was supposed to do what while the Republicans controlled Congress?
    braid his hair
    twiddle his thumbs
    open a pizzeria
    play golf

13. When Josh told Landis that the bill wouldn't make it out of committee, he tried to console Landis by assuring him there was room in other budgets for such causes. Landis replied that there was room for everything but what?
    the bay
    his name
    spotted owls

14. Congressman Richardson let Toby stay while he called the family of his dead constituent, Sergeant Oaks, on what condition?
    that he bow his head
    that he say a prayer
    that he take off his coat
    that he stand

15. What response did C.J. get from the press when she restored their phone access?
    They thanked her.
    They threw cell phones at her.
    They heckled her.
    They asked for her resignation.

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Compiled Jun 28 12