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That's Hooey!

Created by nutmeglad

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Thats Hooey game quiz
"You hear hooey, bunk, BS and malarky every day at work, on TV, riding the subway - hogwash is everywhere. To recognize baloney when you hear it, consider these basics in straight thinking."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You buy a new Harley. Your wife says, "I thought we were going to cut expenses!" You reply, "Well, what about the new kayak YOU just bought?!" In debating, what is your argument called?
    the strawman defense
    pointing to another wrong
    jumping on the band wagon
    post hoc ergo propter hoc

2. Whenever you play white during a chess game you win. Your son wants to play white but you refuse, believing that playing white is the key to your success. Why is this illogical?
    post hoc ergo propter hoc
    jumping on the bandwagon
    id est
    diversionary capitulation

3. Your annoying neighbor stops by to ask you to sign a petition to allow a toxic waste dump in the neighborhood, something you oppose. "Come on," says he, "everyone on your block has already signed." What type of hooey is this?
    jumping on the bandwagon
    extremist identification
    unproveable condition
    polar opposition

4. The odd guy at work says, "Over 2000 doctors have approved the new, no water diet." You know it's bunk, but what kind of bunk is it?
    jumping on the band wagon
    appeal based on authority
    false analogy
    reasoning by example

5. You're standing on the railroad platform when your best friend says, "This train was late Monday AND Tuesday. It's always late." What kind of fallacy has your friend presented?
    hasty generalization
    false analogy
    unrelated coincidence
    post hoc ergo propter hoc

6. The only absolute truth in any dispute or disagreement (or science experiment, government policy or cookie recipe) is called empirical evidence. Which of the following statements is empirical?
    I smell the cookies.
    Abraham Lincoln was a great president.
    x = x
    That soup is delicious.

7. Overheard on the subway: "I can't spend more than I make so how can the state spend more than it takes in year after year. That's why we have a huge deficit." What's wrong with this statement?
    hasty generalization
    unsubstantiated conclusion
    false analogy
    appeal to authority

8. At the used car lot, the salesperson says, "Welcome to Honest Joe's. You know we're honest because we always give you a fair deal." Is there a little something wrong with the BS being tossed your way? What's it called?
    jumping on the bandwagon
    bait and switch
    circular reasoning
    false analogy

9. "Every time I eat apples I get sick. Tonight's dessert is apple dumplings. I should avoid dessert." What kind of thinking is this?
    circular logic
    inductive logic
    deductive logic

10. Bill Clinton was forced to admit that he smoked pot but didn't inhale. George W. Bush has had to defend his wild party days. What are these character attacks sometimes called?
    pointing to another wrong
    argumentum ad hominem
    reasoning by example
    reasoning by sign

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Compiled Jun 28 12