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Which Baseball Team Was Who?

Created by Nightmare

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Which Baseball Team Was Who game quiz
"Let's see if you know who these teams were before they became 'themselves' prior to 2004. All multiple choice as always. I hope that this is educational. :-)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Before becoming the Milwaukee Brewers in 1970, what was the franchise named?
    Buffalo Bisons
    Seattle Pilots
    Louisville Colonels
    Washington Senators

2. The Twins were seen in Minnesota in 1961. Which team were they the season prior?
    Philadelphia Athletics
    Texas Rangers
    Washington Senators
    New York Metropolitans

3. In the 1953 season, the 2004 Baltimore Oriole franchise was called what?
    Baltimore Orioles
    St. Louis Browns
    Baltimore Lord Baltimores
    Milwaukee Brewers

4. Before becoming the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1958, the franchise was named the Brooklyn Dodgers. What was their franchise name immediately prior to that?
    Brooklyn Grays
    Brooklyn Atlantics
    Brooklyn Robins
    Brooklyn Grooms

5. The infamous New York Yankee franchise shined in the 20th century. What was the franchise called in 1912?
    New York Mets
    The franchise was always named the Yankees
    New York Giants
    New York Highlanders

6. In 1967, the 2004 Oakland Athletic franchise was called what?
    They were always the Oakland Athletics
    Philadelphia Athletics
    Kansas City Athletics
    Boston Bees

7. Before becoming defunct in the American League, the Washington Senators were named what, before becoming the Senators?
    They were always the Senators
    Rochester Broncos
    Toledo Blue Stockings
    Kansas City Cowboys

8. From 1891-2004, the Pittsburgh franchise has been a consistent one named the Pirates. What was the franchise called from 1882-1890?
    St. Louis Maroons
    Pittsburgh Bisons
    Pittsburgh Alleghenys
    Providence Grays

9. The 2004 Anaheim Angels began their franchise named what?
    They were always the Anaheim Angels
    St. Louis Browns
    Los Angeles Angels
    Seattle Pilots

10. Before becoming the Houston Astros, what was the team called?
    Houston Colt .45s
    Houston Quick Draws
    Houston Texans
    Houston Shooters

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