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The World's Currents

Created by umpolo

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The Worlds Currents game quiz
"The ocean and its currents play a major role in our weather. What do you know about some of them and how they may affect our world?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You just broke up with your girlfriend and have all the time in the world and want to take a trip. You get into a canoe without any paddles, and enough food and water, in Miami. You want to go to Seattle. How long does it take you to get there?
    100 years
    50 years
    500 years
    10 years

2. There are seven major currents in the world. The currents in the Northern Hemisphere rotate clockwise, while the ones in the Southern Hemisphere rotate counter-clockwise. What is the term used to explain this phenomenon?
    Carlissian Force
    Coriolis Effect
    El Nino
    Centripetal Force

3. What is the name of the current that flows by the Gulf of Alaska and brings cold water down the western coast of the USA?
    The California Current
    The North Equatorial Current
    The North Pacific Current
    The Alaska Current

4. What is the boundary layer between the oceans' surface layer and deep waters called?
    The Water Cycle

5. The oceans move how much water each day?
    1.4 trillion cubic kilometers
    13 trillion cubic kilometers
    1.5 trillion cubic feet
    2.3 trillion cubic meters

6. Which current is unusual in that it reverses its direction twice a year?
    The California Current
    North Atlantic Drift
    The Gulf Stream
    The Somali Current

7. What is used to trace the world's currents?
    Yellow dye #5
    Suspended uranium

8. Ocean water and currents affect climate.

9. What causes waves?
    Earth's rotation
    The moon's gravity

10. Continents cause currents to form almost enclosed circular patterns called what?
    Subsurface currents

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Compiled Jun 28 12