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"Dark Angel" Will Never Die!

Created by bookworm78

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Dark Angel Will Never Die game quiz
"I was very upset when "Dark Angel" was cancelled, but its spirit can live on. I offer this quiz to see if you know where the stars went after "Dark Angel" ended."

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1. Once the star of "Dark Angel", Jessica Alba, who played Max, landed the role of whom in the movie "Fantastic Four"?
    Jen Grimm/The Thing
    Susan Storm/Invisible Girl
    Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
    Barbara Wilson/Batgirl

2. Michael Weatherly, Logan from "Dark Angel", reprised the role of Agent Anthony DiNozzo from "JAG" in which TV series?
    Law and Order

3. After playing the mutant hunter Ames White on "Dark Angel", Martin Cummins had a recurring role as Dr. Gardner, a controversial psychotherapist who among other things, led to the death of Ryan, a boy with the ability to read minds, in which show?
    Tru Calling

4. In which of the following did John Savage, Donald Lydecker, guest star after "Dark Angel" ended?
    "Star Trek: Voyager" as Captain Ransom
    "X-Files" as Henry Trondheim
    "Jake 2.0" as Mystery Man
    "Everwood" as Daniel Maxwell

5. A former "Dark Angel" cast member appears in the 2004 season of "Smallville" playing Jason Teague, love interest of Lana Lang. Who is this actor?
    Jensen Ackles
    Alimi Ballard
    Richard Gunn
    Kevin Durand

6. Ashley Scott came on "Dark Angel" in its second season to portray Asha Barlowe. In what show did Ashley star in the fall of 2002?
    Birds of Prey
    8 Simple Rules...

7. Kevin Durand portrayed the lovable Joshua in "Dark Angel's" second season. Which ghost did he play in "Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed"?
    Black Knight Ghost
    Miner Forty-Niner
    Cotton Candy Glob
    10,000 Volt Ghost

8. Reagan 'Normal' Ronald was played by J.C. Mackenzie. After "Dark Angel" ended in 2002, he guest starred in which of the following television shows?
    Touched By An Angel
    Law and Order
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

9. James Cameron, creator of "Dark Angel", directed which 2003 documentary?
    Ghosts of the Abyss
    Making of "The Terminator"
    The Fog of War
    Volcanoes of the Deep Sea

10. "Dark Angel" seasons one and two are available on DVD.

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