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Mary Tyler Moore: TV and Movies

Created by robert362

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : TV & Movies Mixture
Mary Tyler Moore TV and Movies game quiz
"Here's a look at Laura Petrie, Mary Richards, and beyond."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Laura Petrie slips up on TV and reveals a secret about Alan Brady. What is it?
    His real age
    He's having an affair
    He's bald
    He has a drinking problem

2. Laura has her portrait painted; it pops up years later in an art gallery. Who played the painter?
    Sheldon Leonard
    Joey Bishop
    Danny Thomas
    Carl Reiner

3. Laura pumps Sally about Sally's new boyfriend; she finds out a secret. What is it?
    He's a compulsive gambler
    He's involved in organized crime
    He drinks too much
    He's a mortician

4. Mary Richards has a special dish prepared for one of her parties. What is it?
    Steak Diane
    Veal Prince Orloff
    Beef Stroganoff

5. Mary has problems dealing with the death of a member of the television station. Who died?
    A clown
    A sportscaster
    A weatherman
    A consumer affairs reporter

6. Mary has a "singles" encounter with a dentist. Who played him?
    Mel Brooks
    Dom De Luise
    Alan King
    Shelley Berman

7. Mary Tyler Moore starred in "Ordinary People". Who was NOT in the cast with her?
    Judd Hirsch
    Matthew Broderick
    Timothy Hutton
    Donald Sutherland

8. Mary starred in which of these Elvis Presley movies?
    Change of Habit
    Viva, Las Vegas
    Love Me Tender
    King Creole

9. Mary starred in "Six Weeks". Who was her co-star?
    Dudley Moore
    Tim Conway
    Alan Arkin
    David Brenner

10. Mary appeared (as Mary Richards) on "Rhoda". Her surprise arrival caused a problem for Joe and Rhoda. Why?
    Brenda was getting married
    Rhoda and Joe were sick
    Joe had just lost his job
    They were planning to go out of town

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Compiled Jun 28 12