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Ebbets Field

Created by AdmiralShark

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Los Angeles Dodgers
Ebbets Field game quiz
"A quiz on the home park for the Brooklyn Dodgers."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who did the Dodgers play in the first regular season home game at Ebbets Field?
    New York Giants
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    Cincinnati Reds
    Philadelphia Phillies

2. If a player hit the Abe Stark sign in right field, what did he win?

3. Who was the umpire that was attacked on the field at Ebbets Field in 1940?
    George Magerkurth
    George Barr
    Bill Stewart
    Bill Klem

4. Who was the only Dodgers' player to hit four home runs in a single game at Ebbets Field?
    Duke Snider
    Gil Hodges
    Jackie Robinson
    Roy Campanella

5. Where in Ebbets Field did Hilda Chester sit with her infamous cowbell?
    left center field bleachers
    Behind visitor's bench
    behind home plate
    right field line

6. What special event took place at Ebbets Field during the game between the Dodgers and Cardinals on August 2, 1938.
    perfect game thrown
    game postponed by fog
    yellow baseballs used
    first Ebbets Field night game

7. Casey Stengel was famous in Ebbets Field lore for the time he doffed his cap before his at-bat, and a bird flew out from under the cap. What team was Stengel playing for at the time?
    Brooklyn Dodgers
    New York Yankees
    New York Giants
    Pittsburgh Pirates

8. How many All-Star Games were played at Ebbets Field?

9. In what city did the Dodgers play 15 home games in 1956 and 1957?
    Jersey City

10. Who did the Dodgers play in their last home game at Ebbets Field?
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    New York Giants
    Milwaukee Braves
    Cincinnati Reds

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