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Earth, Steaks, There's a Difference?

Created by bookworm78

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'Stargate: SG-1' Quotes
Earth Steaks Theres a Difference game quiz
"Season four's "Upgrades" is one of the funniest "Stargate SG-1" episodes. How well do you know the quotes?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of the following was not given as a name definition at the beginning of the episode?
    Samantha - Listener
    Daniel - God is my judge
    Anise - Noble strength
    Jack - What's in the box?

2. Who says the following quote to Jack? "You're eating a lot."
    Dr. Frasier
    General Hammond

3. Who says the following quote to Daniel? "Want me to read to you?"

4. In what order of people are these lines spoken? "How high do you think that fence was?" "20, 25 feet." "I'd say more like 30."
    Teal'c, Daniel, Sam
    Sam, Daniel, Jack
    Jack, Daniel, Sam
    Daniel, Sam, Jack

5. "I'll have three of the biggest steaks you've got, with everything, rare, baked potato... that was for me." Whose order is this at the restaurant?

6. What is the correct order of speakers for the following lines?
"Has it occurred to anyone that we're defying a direct order?"
"It's not like we haven't defied orders before."
"Yeah, but that was to save Earth."
"Earth, steaks, there's a difference?"
    Sam, Daniel, Sam, Jack
    Jack, Sam, Jack, Daniel
    Sam, Jack, Daniel, Sam
    Daniel, Sam, Daniel, Jack

7. Why did Jack speak the line "This is a cliche"?
    They were about to get into a fight with superior numbers.
    General Hammond ordered Jack out of his office.
    The Tok'ra were asking for a favor.
    Jack knocked Teal'c out while boxing.

8. Who says the line "We were very hungry, sir," to General Hammond?

9. While planning to visit a Gou'ald world to destroy a new ship, Sam says, "The only problem is there are force shields protecting this restricted area." What is Daniel's response?
    Answer: (One Word, two letters)

10. Finish this Jack quote during the mission planning session: "We'll need _____."
    Answer: (One Word, plural)

11. Why did Jack say, "We should have brought more snacks," while on the mission?
    The naquadah was heavy.
    His armband fell off.
    Two Serpant Guards had shot at them.
    They had lost their way.

12. Who has the following conversation with Teal'c?
"I am not leaving, ____
"I'm not suggesting we should. There is no way in there to help them."
"Ten minutes after that C4 goes this whole mountain is going to explode."
"I am aware of that."
"So the fact that we're staying is based on a completely informed decision."
"It is."
"Yeah, just checking."
    Answer: (First and Last Name or First Name only)

13. To whom was Daniel speaking when he said, "Yeah, Teal'c wouldn't leave"?
    General Hammond

14. Where was Jack when he said, "Just remember, I retired, you wanted me back"?
    sitting in General Hammond's office
    standing in the briefing room
    lying on the ramp before the gate
    lying in the infirmary

15. Correctly identify the order of speakers in the following interchange:
"Even so... I'm sorry."
"Me too."
"Me three."
"I have no need to apologize."
"Teal'c was actually following orders."
"Of course he was."
    Jack, Daniel, Sam, Teal'c, Hammond, Daniel
    Daniel, Jack, Sam, Teal'c, Hammond, Sam
    Sam, Daniel, Jack, Teal'c, Hammond, Jack
    Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, Hammond, Jack

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