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The Holy Assumption

Created by cadrian

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The Holy Assumption game quiz
"This quiz is to test your knowledge on the ultimate 'bad guy', Walter Sullivan and his victims from the "Silent Hill" series."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Walter's first victim was Jimmy Stone, a priest in the cult of Silent Hill. Although he was known to be the head priest, the other members referred to him by another name. What was his nickname?
    Answer: (Two Words)

2. Bobby Randolph is the next victim in the Ten Hearts Ritual. He is a fat, Caucasian man who went to collage in Pleasant River.

3. Our next victim was Sean Martin. He initially came to Silent Hill with his friends to study the cult know as The Order. He met his demise at the hands of Walter Sullivan, but how?
    He was stabbed
    We don't know
    He was shot
    He was strangled

4. Our next victim, Steve, is actually related to another "Silent Hill" character. From which game does this character originate?
    Silent Hill
    Silent Hill 3
    Silent Hill 2
    Silent Hill 4

5. Walter learned about the Ritual named The 21 Sacraments from a priestess named Dahlia, but he was taught it by someone else. This person eventually becomes one of his victims. Who is it?
    Matthew Terran
    George Rostin
    Peter Walls
    Toby Archbolt

6. William Gregory, the ninth victim, owned his own shop. What did he do?
    Sold and take in animals
    Sold watches and clocks
    Sold sporting goods
    Host birthdays

7. Billy and Miriam Locane appear as what enemy in "Silent Hill 4"?
    Answer: (Two Words)

8. What weapon did Walter Sullivan use to kill Billy and Miriam Locane?
    A sub-automatic gun
    A shovel
    A butcher knife
    An axe

9. One of the few known shops in the store complex is later revealed to be Albert's sports shop. What is the name of the man/woman who owns this shop?
    Answer: (Two Words)

10. Eric Walsh, victim ten, was shot dead by Walter late at night in the bar he owned, right across from the South Ashfield Apartments.

11. Where are the numbers 111 and 21 written on Walter Sullivan's body?
    They're only written on his grave, not his body
    On his hands
    On his feet
    On his chest

12. The twelfth victim is Peter Woltz. How long did it take before anyone noticed his death?
    Six Days
    Six months
    One year
    Six weeks

13. The thirteenth victim, Sharon Blake, originally had her children stolen away from her by the cult. What was her murder theme?

14. Tony Archibolt was a member of the cult and he sold illegal drugs to boost his sectors' influence. What sector is he from?
    Red Sector
    Black Sector
    White Sector
    Yellow Sector

15. Joseph Schreiber was a journalist who lived in room 302 before Henry, but unlike Henry, Joseph realized how much danger he is really in. from the start. Joseph leaves many diary entries lying around the apartment, each telling you how much he had learned about Walter Sullivan and the Holy Assumption. On what day does Joseph realize that he is going to die?
    August 7th
    July 28th
    July 29th
    ??/?? (date unknown)

16. Henry meets Cynthia Velasquez in the Subway Station, which is coincidentally is the same place that Walter first met her. At what age was she when they first met?
    Answer: (One Word - A Number)

17. Previously, Jasper had met several key characters. Although he met them over the coarse of ten years, he remembers every meeting. Which character is new to him?
    He has met all these characters before
    Walter Sullivan
    Henry Townsend
    Joseph Schreiber

18. Andrew Desalvo was one of the guards at the orphanage. He would constantly punish the children, enjoying their pain. Andrew was not a member of the cult.

19. Richard Brantee was another one of Walter Sullivan's victims. He lived in room 207 of the South Ashfield Apartments and was hated by the other residents. On one occasion he had apparently 'skinned' one of the residents there. What actually happened to the unlucky tenant?
    He had some of his skin peeled off
    He was badly beaten
    He was punched then sent running through the apartments naked
    He was whipped till his skin fell off

20. Walter had previously met Eileen when he was sixteen. He was visiting Ashfield once again, but being from the orphanage, his cloths were tattered and dirty. Eileen felt sorry for him, and so gave him an item, though her mother advised against it. What is the name of this item?
    Answer: (Two Words)

21. Henry Townsend has never actually been to Silent Hill.

22. When Walter was born, his parents abandoned him in room 302 of South Ashfield Heights. Frank Sunderland, who was a janitor at the time, found him and called the police. The police then transferred him over to a hospital. What hospital was he taken to?
    Answer: (Two Words)

23. When Walter was a child he often visited Ashfield. On one of these visits, he explored a shopping complex and came across a pet shop, but the manager threw him out after he dropped a cage and injured a small animal. Identify the animal.
    A puppy
    A kitten
    A bird
    A mouse

24. We see many different symbols dating back to the cult of Silent Hill including the one that the hole in your bathroom and in the laundry room form. What is the name of this symbol?
    Answer: (Four or Five Words)

25. The Catholic church has, since the Order's creation, ridiculed and demonized the cult and its teachings, among other things. The church created many different documents, criticizing and discrediting different cults. There were also many different texts that instructed individuals on how to negate the Order's rituals. One of these manuals is found in the games. What is it's name?
    Answer: (Two or Three Words)

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