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Boston Braves

Created by Dizart

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Boston Braves game quiz
"A short quiz on Boston's National League fanchise."

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1. On April 22nd, 1876, the Boston franchise participated in the very first game in National League history when they visited which team?
    Philadelphia Athletics
    Hartford Dark Blues
    New York Mutuals
    St Louis Brown Stockings

2. Who was the first manager in the franchise's history, who led them to pennants in 1877 and 1878?
    John Morrill
    Harry Wright
    Frank Selee
    Fred Tenney

3. After a number of years in the National League cellar, the "Miracle Braves" shocked the baseball world by winning the 1914 World Series. Who were their opponents in the Fall Classic?
    Detroit Tigers
    Boston Red Sox
    Philadelphia Athletics
    New York Yankees

4. Which legendary New York Yankees player ended his career with the Boston Braves in 1935?
    Lou Gehrig
    Babe Ruth
    Lefty Gomez
    Carl Mays

5. Where did the Braves play their home games between 1915 and 1952?
    Fenway Park
    Huntington Avenue Grounds
    South End Grounds
    Braves Field

6. The Braves won their first NL pennant since 1914 in 1948. Unlike their first World Series appearance, this one ended in defeat to which team?
    New York Yankees
    Boston Red Sox
    Washington Senators
    Cleveland Indians

7. Who hit the most home runs in the franchise's history?
    Tommy Holmes
    Fred Tenney
    Sam Jethroe
    Wally Berger

8. Which pitcher won the most games in the franchise history?
    Kid Nichols
    Vic Willis
    Warren Spahn
    Dick Rudolph

9. Excluding doubleheaders, the largest crowd for a Braves home game turned up for a 1948 game against which team?
    New York Giants
    Philadelphia Phillies
    Brooklyn Dodgers
    Chicago Cubs

10. In 1952, with dwindling crowds and the Braves losing money in a city they shared with the Red Sox, the Braves became the first modern-era team to relocate to another city. Which city was to be their new home?
    Kansas City

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