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Where Were You In 1966?

Created by mafekinggal

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Music from 1966
Where Were You In 1966 game quiz
"In 1966, I began grade nine - these songs bring back lots of memories. Hope they do the same for you!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who sang 'Walk Away Renee'?
    Left Banke

2. In 'California Dreamin', what building did he stop in to?
    a store
    a hospital
    a school
    a church

3. Who sang 'Over and Over'?
    Rolling Stones
    Dave Clark Five

4. Finish this line: 'Wild thing, you make my heart sing, you make everything _________'
    Answer: (One Word)

5. Who sang 'Sweet Pea'?
    Frankie Valli
    Tommy Roe
    Wayne Fontana
    Percy Sledge

6. In 'Ballad of the Green Berets', what were they told to put on his son's chest?
    silver wings
    gold star

7. Who sang 'Groovy Kind of Love'?
    Mamas and Papas

8. Who sang 'The Pied Piper'?
    Crispian St. Peters
    Bobby Vinton
    Jimmy Ruffin
    Neil Diamond

9. Fill in the blanks for this song title: '______ Nervous Breakdown'.
    Answer: (One Word)

10. Who sang 'You Don't Have to Say You Love Me'?
    Lesley Gore
    Brenda Lee
    Petula Clark
    Dusty Springfield

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Compiled Jun 28 12