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Dinosaur Nomenclature

Created by chadgar25

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Dinosaur Nomenclature game quiz
"In this quiz I will give a dinosaur name, you must select the appropriate description based on the Greek or Latin roots of that name."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The first Diplodocus fossil was found by Earl Douglass and Samuel W. Williston in 1877. Many Diplodocus fossils have been found, including a skin impression. What does 'Diplodocus' mean?
    Long Lizard
    Long Neck
    Double Beamed
    Giant Reptile

2. Deinonychus was a dromaeosaurid, whose intelligence (as measured by its relative brain to body weight) was the highest among the dinosaurs. What is the meaning of Deinonychus?
    Terrible Claw
    Giant Toe
    Sharp Tooth
    Large Nail

3. Corythosaurus was named by Barnum Brown in 1914 from a fossil found in Alberta, Canada. Fossils have been found in North America, including Montana, USA, and Alberta, Canada. Fossilized skin with a pebbly texture has been found. What does the name 'Corythosaurus' mean?
    Swampy Lizard
    Flat Nose Lizard
    Helmet Lizard
    Duck Billed Lizard

4. Another hadrosaur, Parasaurolophus, lived during the late Cretaceous period, about 76-65 million years ago, toward the end of the Mesozoic, the Age of Reptiles. What does the name, Parasaurolophus, mean?
    Giant Horn Lizard
    Long Tube Lizard
    Crested Lizard
    Long Head Lizard

5. Pachycephalosaurus was discovered in 1938 by William Winkley on the family ranch outside of Ekalaka, Montana, USA. It was named Pachycephalosaurus in 1943 by Barnum Brown and Erich M. Schlaikjer. What does the name of the herbivore, Pachycephalosaurus, mean?
    Herd Lizard
    Thick Headed Lizard
    Fast Lizard
    Hard Nosed Lizard

6. Styracosaurus lived in the late Cretaceous period, about 77-70 million years ago. It was among the last of the dinosaur species to evolve before the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction 65 million years ago. What does 'Styracosaurus' mean?
    Shielded Head
    Spiked Lizard
    Six-horned Lizard
    Six-pronged Attack

7. Ankylosaurus fossils have been found in the western USA (Montana) and Canada (Alberta). Two Ankylosaurus skulls and three partial skeletons (including armor and a tail club) have been found. Ankylosaurus was named by Barnum Brown in 1908. What does the name, 'Ankylosaurus', mean?
    Tank Lizard
    Armored Lizard
    Shield Lizard
    Stiff Lizard

8. The plant-eating ornithopod, Hypsilophodon, was a very fast bi-pedal (two-legged) runner; its back legs were long. It had a stiffened tail that helped it balance when running. What does the name, 'Hypsilophodon', mean?
    High-ridged Tooth
    Beak Tooth
    Parrot Beak

9. The Jurassic Park villian, Spinosaurus, was a huge meat-eating dinosaur that had a series of spines on its back. This enormous dinosaur lived during the late Cretaceous period, about 98 to 95 million years ago, in what is now Africa. What does the name, 'Spinosaurus', mean?
    Spiny Lizard
    Large Sail
    Large Spines

10. Finally, what is the root-meaning of one of the first dinosaurs to be discovered, 'Iguanodon'?
    Spiked Thumb
    Iguana tooth
    Giant Lizard
    Spiky Reptile

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