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Larry McMurtry - "Comanche Moon"

Created by llchrista01

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : McMurtry, Larry
Larry McMurtry  Comanche Moon game quiz
""Comanche Moon" is the story that ties "Dead Man's Walk" and "Lonesome Dove" together."

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1. Augustus McCrae and Woodrow Call joined the Rangers at a very early age. How old was Woodrow when he first became a Texas Ranger?

2. Captain Scull's horse went by many different names. Which is NOT a name that his horse was called?
    Phantom Horse
    Buffalo Horse

3. Tana was a member of Buffalo Hump's tribe who stole a white woman and her children. Although the other members of the tribe told him he needed to take the captives back to Buffalo Hump, Tana wanted to kill the white woman before she could be taken back. Why did he want to kill her immediately instead of giving the captive to Buffalo Hump?
    He was jealous of Buffalo Hump's many wives
    He liked killing white women
    She made him mad by ignoring him
    Revenge for the white men who killed his father

4. Inez Scull was married to Captain Scull, but Inez was not her real name. What was her given name?
    Her name was Inez

5. Kicking Wolf stole a horse from Inish Scull and took it to Mexico. What other member of the tribe went with Kicking Wolf into Mexico?
    Fast Boy
    Red Hand
    Slipping Weasel
    Three Birds

6. Kicking Wolf took the horse to Ahumado in Mexico. When Inish Scull arrived, Ahumado had been cooking his horse in a pit for three days. He offered Scull part of his own horse to eat. What part of the horse did Scull take the meat from?

7. Ahumado had an old man in his camp who was skilled at skinning people. What was the name of the skinner?

8. What relation was Xitla to Ahumado?
    No relation

9. Woodrow had told Maggie to hide in case of an Indian attack. Where did she hide when Buffalo Hump attacked Austin?
    She didn't get the chance to hide
    Under the store
    Under the smokehouse
    Under the porch

10. On one expedition, to determine how many Comanches were left in their strongholds for the winter, Major Featherstonhaugh left the troop to go back. What did he go back for?
    A lost Ranger
    A sandstorm
    A compass
    A captive

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