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Batman Begins (Part 1)

Created by thejazzkickazz

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Batman Begins Part 1 game quiz
"The Batman franchise was revived in 2005 thanks to director Christopher Nolan and his film 'Batman Begins'. This is the first of three sequential quizzes covering the details of this fantastic film. Good luck!"

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1. 'Batman Begins' follows the story of Bruce Wayne as both a child and a young adult. In the first flashback sequence of Wayne's childhood, the young man wanders the grounds of his family mansion with his childhood friend Rachel. What specific item does he find on the ground near his home?
    A pocketknife
    A clay pot
    An old coin
    An Arrowhead

2. Back to the present, we discover Bruce Wayne incarcerated in an Asian prison. After tangling with a gang of fellow prisoners, Bruce finds himself locked in solitary confinement. Here he meets an enigmatic individual who identifies himself as Ducard. Which prominent character actor plays this shadowy figure?
    Liam Neeson
    Anthony Hopkins
    Christopher Lambert
    Bob Hoskins

3. Ducard claims himself to have been sent to Bruce by a mysterious figure who goes by which of the following names?
    Abdul Abiday
    Sinai Ep Halli
    Karaam Karamchand
    Ra's Al Ghul

4. Ducard suggests that if Bruce wishes to acquire the training necessary to pursue his life's purpose, he must seek out the secret mountain headquarters of the League of Shadows. What item does Ducard insist Bruce carry with him on this trek?
    He must come with no possessions
    A black powder
    A red armband
    A blue flower

5. After Bruce's arrival at the lair of the League of Shadows the story turns back again to Bruce's childhood. We learn that, though Bruce Wayne's father is the head of a major corporation, he occupies his time in a separate career in which field?

6. Bruce Wayne loses both of his parents in a botched robbery attempt. After his parents are shot, Bruce hovers desperately over them, hoping to discover a way to assist his dying father and mother. What are the last words his father says to him?
    Don't be afraid.
    Make us proud, son.
    Fight for what's right.
    Continue my work.

7. After the death of his parents, Bruce comes under the supervision of the family butler, Alfred. Which distinguished actor plays Alfred in 'Batman Begins'?
    F. Murray Abraham
    Peter O'Toole
    Dustin Hoffman
    Michael Caine

8. Returning to the present, we find Bruce in training with the League of Shadows. Ducard promises Bruce that he will become capable of fighting 600 men, and will learn the secrets of inivisibility, by learning the ways of which order of martial arts?
    Tae Kwan Do
    Jeet Kun Do

9. Bruce continues to blame himself for the death of his parents. Does Ducard agree that Bruce is essentially at fault for their deaths?

10. Bruce eventually encounters his childhood friend Rachel as an adult. Played by Katie Holmes, what is Rachel's surname?

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