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Six Flags Great Adventure

Created by BandGk52987

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Six Flags Great Adventure game quiz
"Come test your knowledge about the country's largest regional theme park. Think you know everything about Six Flags Great Adventure? We'll see about that!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which roller coaster, built in 1995, is no longer in operation?
    The Chiller
    Skull Mountain

2. Which of the following songs is NOT part of the Fright Fest show, "Dead Man's Party"?
    Bring Me To Life
    The Time Warp
    Ballroom Blitz
    I'm Walking With A Zombie

3. The Fantasy Fling has been relocated more than once since it has been operating.

4. Which of the following shows has NEVER been performed?
    World of Magic
    Spirit of the Tiger
    We've Got The Beat Parade
    Batman vs. Catwoman: Catfight

5. Which of the following rides is still operating from the 1999 expansion?
    The Twister
    Time Warp
    Jumpin' Jack Flash

6. Which of the following rides did not open with the park in the year they debuted?
    Superman: Ultimate Flight
    Jumpin' Jack Flash

7. How tall is the Parachute Training Center, Edwards AFB Jump Tower?
    200 Feet
    195 Feet
    235 Feet
    250 Feet

8. Which of the following rides does NOT have a height requirement of a minimum of 44 inches tall to ride?
    Rolling Thunder
    Runaway Train
    Space Shuttle
    Stuntman's Freefall

9. Complete this quote from an old Great Adventure attraction: "There was a ____ who lived in the air."

10. Which of these rides never resided on both sides of the park? (Using the fountain as the dividing line.)
    Space Shuttle
    Flying Wave
    Taz Twister
    Scrambler (Centifuge G-Force)

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Compiled Jun 28 12