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Being a Kid in the 1970s (Toys)

Created by aislina

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Being a Kid in the 1970s Toys game quiz
"Ah, the age of earth tones and organic food! Life in the 1970s wasn't all about granola and disco. Those of us who were kids in the 1970's remember things quite differently. This quiz is all about toys everyone played with during that decade."

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1. In my family, our favorite pastime in the summer was basically just a big sheet of yellow plastic with holes in it. We were lucky - someone in our neighborhood had a hill in their yard to use it on. What was the name of this toy?
    Slip 'n' Slide
    Splish Splash
    Gnip Gnop

2. One day we couldn't stand wondering any more, and cut open one of Matt's toys to see what was inside. It was full of gluey, clear, viscous fluid - and the toy never worked again after all of the stuff came out. Which one of these playthings did we ruin forever?
    Stretch Armstrong
    GI Joe

3. Gretchen and I tried about a million times to draw a circle with this toy by using two little white dials to control a stylus. I am still convinced of the impossibility of this task, even at the age of 35! With what toy were we torturing our poor little minds?

4. This was one of the first electronic toys to make it into our house, and was basically a souped-up version of "Memory". Four colored panels lit up and beeped in an ever-increasing sequence for the player to follow. What was this game's name?

5. My mother loved this one: the loudest, scariest timer in the world went TICK TICK TICK while we scrambled to fit all of the teeny yellow shapes into their respective holes. What was this game?

6. Some of the other boys had Big Wheels to terrorize the sidewalks with; Matt's vehicle was so much cooler, with levers instead of a steering wheel, and a threatening color scheme. What was his plastic trike called?
    Green Machine
    Motor Mayhem
    Dragon Bike
    Gogo Gadget

7. As if kids didn't have enough people "being the boss of us", some games from the 70s were all about what NOT to do. Which of these admonishments is NOT a name of a game from my childhood?
    "Don't Spill the Beans"
    "Don't Eat the Daisies"
    "Don't Break the Ice"
    "Don't Cook the Goose"

8. We had some nostalgia IN the 1970s, as well. "Little House on the Prairie" was one of the most popular shows on television. We girls had a doll that dressed in a poke bonnet and calico apron, similar to the clothes Laura wore on the show. What was the name of this doll?
    Caroline Adams
    Betsy Wetsy
    Holly Hobbie
    Becky Thatcher

9. Jo had the freakiest doll in the world. It came with little plastic envelopes full of powder to make baby food with. When you fed the doll, then gave it a bottle of water - it "pooped"! What was this scarily realistic doll's name?
    Baby Alive
    Baby Eats
    Baby Yummy
    Baby Love

10. This game took a long time and an adult to set it up. In true Rube Goldberg fashion, your actions on the game board would set a number of mechanical objects in motion to let you know you'd won. What game was this?

11. Gretchen and I used to make jewelry with this toy - we would color the earrings on special plastic, then sit glued to the oven window to watch them get smaller and brighter. Sometimes we'd make suncatchers with this toy, too - what was it?
    Art and Artifact
    Medallion Maker
    Shrinky Dinks

12. Matt had a craft project of his own. He mixed up several colors of gooey glop, poured it into molds, and with the power of a light bulb, he made insects to scare all of us with. What was this kit called?
    Bugs and Slugs
    Creepy Crawlers

13. So much for safety - my friend Leslie and I spent HOURS tripping and falling on our faces playing with this toy. It consisted of a black tube with a ring at one end and a weight at the other. You put the loop around your ankle then hopped over the spinning weight each time it came back around. What was its name?
    Chinese Jumprope
    Romper Stomper
    Lemon Twist

14. As the girly-girl of the house, I took special delight in this toy - you pieced together outlines and rubbed a crayon over them to produce outfits. I spent hours coloring in the drawings - what was I playing with?
    Styling Strips
    Fashion Plates
    Flip Fashion

15. Gretchen and Jo pestered Mom and Dad for this orange talking toy after they saw E.T. take it apart and use it to call home! You could use it to play "Hangman" or make it say rude things, if you were so inclined. What was the name of this object?
    Reading Robot
    Mr. Magic
    Speak and Spell

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