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Cubs Nation

Created by disneyland50

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Chicago Cubs
Cubs Nation game quiz
"A quiz about the Chicago Cubs history."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 2006, what was the name of Wrigley Field's Bleachers?
    They do not have a name
    Drunken Cubbies' Den
    Bud Light Bleachers
    Miller Genuine Draft Home Run Bleachers

2. The Cubs were the first team to do what?
    Install lights
    Trade Sammy Sosa
    Host the All-Star game
    Win back to back World Series titles

3. In the 2005 season, Cubs fans didn't see whose number retired?
    Greg Maddux
    Ernie Banks
    Ron Santo
    Ryne Sandburg

4. Who threw out the first pitch at the Cubs' 2006 season opener at Cincinnati?
    Vice President Al Gore
    President Bill Clinton
    President George W. Bush
    Vice President Dick Cheney

5. Which of the following Minor League teams was a Cubs' affiliate before becoming a Blue Jays affiliate?
    Joliet Jackhammers
    Lansing Lugnuts
    Kane County Cougars
    Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

6. Which team was in the Central Division of the National Leauge with the Cubs in the 2005 season?
    Minnesota Twins
    Florida Marlins
    Chicago White Sox
    Houston Astros

7. What is the famous saying on the left and right field foul posts at Wrigley Field in 2005?
    Holy Cow!
    Hey Hey!
    Lovable Losers!
    Beat it, Bartman!

8. In what year did the Chicago Cubs win their first Central Division title?
    They never won a Central Division title

9. Which team did the Cubs lose to in the 1906 World Series?
    Boston Red Sox
    Chicago White Sox
    Detroit Tigers
    Philadephia Athletics

10. Which of the follwing baseball players has never played for the Cubs?
    Nomar Garciaparra
    Tony La Russa
    Babe Ruth
    Bill Buckner

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Compiled Jun 28 12