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Actors and their Roles

Created by jalobi

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Actors and their Roles game quiz
"Here is a quiz that will test your memory of what roles actors have played in the movies. All you have to do is guess the actor in the film that I will describe. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In "The Weight of Water", Catherine McCormack plays a newspaper photographer who is researching the murder of two women in 1837. Who plays her husband, who is seduced by the wife (Elizabeth Hurley) of her brother-in-law (Josh Lucas)?
    Kevin Bacon
    Dennis Quaid
    Nicolas Cage
    Sean Penn

2. In "Head in the Clouds", Charlize Theron is a photographer who shares her apartment with a teacher (Stuart Townsend) and a Spanish refugee. Who takes on the role of the Spanish refugee?
    Penelope Cruz
    Catalina Sandino Moreno
    Salma Hayek
    Snooky Serna

3. Aussie Naomi Watts shine as a struggling actress in "Ellie Parker". Which actor appears as himself, a member of a rock band?
    Chris Klein
    Russell Crowe
    Keanu Reeves
    Matt Damon

4. In Mike Figgis's disturbing "Hotel", David Schwimmer plays a film producer who is not too happy with the director (Rhys Ifans) of a film from his production. The film in question is an adaptation of John Webster's "The Duchess of Malfi". Which actress play the head of a documentary crew, who captures the murder and mayhem that the film production experiences?
    Lucy Liu
    Salma Hayek
    Diane Lane
    Jennifer Jason-Leigh

5. "Bloodhounds of Broadway" follows the story of some of the guests in a New Year's Eve Party in 1928. Matt Dillon is cast as one of the guests who is known for his failure to pick the winning racehorse, while Julie Hagerty is the socialite responsible for the event. Which actress is cast as a showgirl, who is chased by Feet Samuels (Randy Quaid)?
    Debra Winger
    Sheryl Crow
    Sharon Stone

6. Cameron Crowe directs "Elizabethtown", a comedy about a young man (Orlando Bloom) who returns home for his father's funeral after losing his job. In the process, he falls in love with a flight attendant (Kirsten Dunst). Which Oscar winning actress plays the role of his mother?
    Jessica Lange
    Susan Sarandon
    Barbara Hershey
    Frances McDormand

7. In Mark Mylod's quirky comedy "The Big White", Holly Hunter is Margaret, a loving wife who is losing her grip with reality as her unfortunate husband is faced with bankruptcy. Who plays the role of the husband?
    Andy Garcia
    Dustin Hoffman
    Val Kilmer
    Robin Williams

8. George's Hickenlooper's "The Big Brass Ring" swells with a cast of seasoned performers. Oscar nominee Nigel Hawthorne plays an ex-mentor of a politician, who leaks scandalous photos of his former ward to the press, while Oscar nominee Miranda Richardson plays the politician's wife. Name the Oscar winning actor who is cast as a politician whose career is in peril?
    William Hurt
    Al Pacino
    Robert de Niro
    Michael Douglas

9. Kevin Spacey takes on the role of David Gale, a man waiting for his execution in "The Life of David Gale". A skeptical journalist, Bitsey Bloom (Kate Winslet), discovers that he might be innocent of his crime. Who plays the woman whom David Gale allegedly raped and murdered?
    Laura Linney
    Alison Lohman
    Michelle Williams
    Diane Lane

10. Susan Seidelman's "Gaudi Afternoon" gathers four amazing actresses. Judy Davis is captivating as a Spanish novel translator who is lost in the loneliness of being alone in Spain, while Juliette Lewis is a new age mother and Lili Taylor is a tough lesbian. The fourth actress plays a mysterious and chic woman who hires Davis to spy on her husband. Who plays this role?
    Elisabeth Shue
    Daryl Hannah
    Marcia Gay Harden
    Uma Thurman

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Compiled Jun 28 12