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VH1's "World Series of Pop Culture"

Created by iceicebabyrockz

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VH1s World Series of Pop Culture game quiz
"This quiz contains questions about teams and general play of the "World Series of Pop Culture"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. One team was comprised of siblings. What was the name of this team?
    Almost Perfect Strangers
    We're What Willis Was Talking About
    PDX 503
    I Heart Jake Ryan

2. In the team name PDX 503, 503 is the area code to what city?

3. One team dressed up in 70s inspired clothing. What was the name of this team?
    Three the Hard Way
    Velvet Rope Revolution
    Highly Effective People
    The Boeghy Bunch

4. One team's name paid homage to a '80s movie heartthrob with the name "I Heart Jake Ryan". Which movie did they derive their name from?
    Answer: (Two Words, Molly Ringwald movie)

5. Only one team in the tournament did not know each other before the show. What was the name of this team?
    Answer: (Three Words)

6. Two teammates on The Boeghy Bunch got engaged. What are their names?
    Martha and Brian
    Martha and Jim
    Amanda and Jim
    Amanda and Brian

7. Which team eliminated the Lazer Wolves from the competition?
    Velvet Rope Revolution
    We're What Willis Was Talking About
    I Heart Jake Ryan
    Team Smartypants

8. One team made a name for themselves by being very loud during competition. This team of female comics never failed to cheer, win or lose. What was the name of this team?
    Lazer Wolves
    Almost Perfect Strangers
    Team Smartypants

9. Which team is made up of a boyfriend/girlfriend pair and her sister?
    Answer: (Two Words)

10. Which team won in the championship round?
    Answer: (Two Words)

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Compiled Jun 28 12