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Football Fanatic

Created by mr3weebs

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Football Fanatic game quiz
"Havin' some fun with football."

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1. When the two leagues merged for the 1970 season, some teams went from the NFL to the AFC, and from the AFL to the NFC, along with a three division system for each conference. In 2002, the league did a geographical realignment of all the teams and went to a four division system for each conference. Beginning with the 1970 season, which 2006 team has changed divisions and/or conferences the most?
    Seattle Seahawks
    Indianapolis Colts
    Tennessee Titans
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2. Which quarterback led the Patriots to their first Super Bowl appearance?
    Tony Eason
    Tom Brady
    Drew Bledsoe
    Doug Flutie

3. Who was the last team to win the Super Bowl before the 1970 merger?
    Green Bay Packers
    Oakland Raiders
    Kansas City Chiefs
    New York Jets

4. Most of us know the pain the fans of the Buffalo Bills must feel going to 4 straight Super Bowls and not winning. However, there is another team that had been to 4 Super Bowls without winning. Which team also began 0-4 in the big game?
    Baltimore Colts
    Oakland Raiders
    New York Jets
    Minnesota Vikings

5. Which of the following quarterbacks played for the same team, but in the most cities?
    Mike Pagel
    Jim Plunkett
    Steve McNair
    Neil Lomax

6. Who was the first overall pick of the 1999 NFL draft?
    Donovan McNabb
    Tim Couch
    Ricky Williams
    Edgerrin James

7. Many teams have been to the Super Bowl throughout its 40 years. Who was the first player in history to have been in a Super Bowl in 3 different decades?
    Steve DeBerg
    Steve Grogan
    Gene Upshaw
    Vinny Testaverde

8. Who was the number one overall pick in the 1983 NFL draft?
    Dan Marino
    Eric Dickerson
    Jim Kelly
    John Elway

9. Staying with number one draft picks, Peyton Manning was the first one to be taken in the '98 draft. Which person was taken second in 1998?
    Keith Brooking
    Charles Woodson
    Ryan Leaf
    Fred Taylor

10. Which team has won the first 5 Super Bowls they played in?

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