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Extinct birds: 100 unique species.

Created by benniebenbenny

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Extinct birds 100 unique species game quiz
"My sixth quiz! This is a quiz on extinct, endangered, and unique birds of the past 250 years. A difficult but hopefully informative quiz. Good cluck!...I mean luck."

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1. This bird became extinct when the last pair was either clubbed to death or strangled on the island of Eldey, a barren rocky plateau jutting out of the sea off the coast of Iceland. It was June 3, 1844. The birds were likely nesting at the time.
    Amsterdam Island duck
    Atitlan grebe
    Auckland Island merganser
    Auk, Great

2. This bird is known only from specimens collected in 1827 on Peel Island, off the south coast of Japan.
    Bulo Burti boubou
    Bonin grosbeak
    Banggai crow
    Black mamo

3. "Incas", the last of this unique bird species, died at the Cincinnati Zoo (Ohio, USA) on February 21, 1918.
    Canary Islands oystercatcher
    Carolina parakeet
    Caatinga woodpecker
    Chatham Islands rail

4. This bird of Mauritius, the most famous extinct bird in the world, died out sometime between 1662-1690.
    Delalande's coucal
    Dusky seaside sparrow
    Darwin's large ground finch

5. This shorebird was once considered among the most common in the Americas. The last confirmed specimen was collected in Barbados, Lesser Antilles in 1963.
    Earthcreeper, Peruvian scale-throated
    Emerald, Brace's
    Eskimo curlew
    Ebon purple-capped fruit dove

6. The extinction of this species occurred in 1983 with the introduction of the brown tree snake (Boiga irregularis) to the island.
    Fernbird, Chatham Island
    Flycatcher, Guam
    Fruit dove, Red-moustached
    Flycatcher, Rueck's blue

7. Considered a pest in the late 1800's, this species had the unfortunate distinction of being deliberately hunted into extinction.
    Guadalupe caracara
    Glaucus macaw
    Grebe, Colombian
    Grand Cayman thrush

8. In 1830, the plight of this bird species attracted the attention of J. J. Audubon, a world renowned naturalist and ornithologist in whose honor the National Audubon Society is named.
    Hooded seedeater
    Heath hen
    Hawaiian thrush

9. Widely thought of as extinct since 1999, this bird may have been sighted in 2004 and 2005 in Arkansas, USA. It was reported in April 2005 by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.
    Iwo Jima white-browed crake
    Imperial woodpecker
    Ivory-billed woodpecker
    Imperial parrot

10. Of the four presumed extinct species native to Jamaica, this bird was seen as recently as 1989.
    Jamaican least pauraque
    Jamaican petrel
    Jamaican golden swallow
    Jamaican red macaw

11. Once on the brink of extinction, this flightless species continues to barely survive due mainly to a recovery plan implemented by New Zealand in the 1980's.
    Kakapo parrot
    King Island emu
    Kosrae starling

12. This species thrived on a small island until 1918, when a ship ran aground off the coast and released rats onto the island's shores.
    Laughing owl
    Labrador duck
    Laysan honeycreeper
    Lord Howe gerygone

13. This bird is known only from the single specimen collected on Mauke, Cook Islands by naturalist Andrew Bloxam on August 9, 1825.
    Mysterious starling
    Miyako Island kingfisher
    Mauritius blue pigeon
    Madagascar pochard

14. This species of a small island was a popular delicacy for local convicts and early settlers in the mid to late 18th century, dooming it to extinction.
    North Island takahe
    New Zealand little bittern
    Newton's parakeet
    Norfolk Island kaka

15. In 1982, Hurricane Iwa killed the last female of this o'o, a type of honeyeater, thus ensuring its extinction.
    O'o, Hawaii
    O'o, Molokai
    O'o, Oahu
    O'o, Kauai

16. "Martha", the last of a bird species that once numbered in the hundreds of millions, died at the Cincinnati Zoo (Ohio, USA) on September 1, 1914.
    Paradise parrot
    Passenger pigeon
    Parrot, Mascarene
    Pink-headed duck

17. Last seen in 1932 and thought extinct, this quail was reportedly spotted by Anwaruddin Choudhury (a noted bird watcher) in June 2006.
    Quail, New Zealand
    Quail, Himalayan mountain
    Quail, Manipur bush
    Quail, Snow mountain

18. This bird thrived on an isolated volcanic island until an 1876 eruption wiped out the species.
    Reunion Island solitaire
    Rail, New Caledonian
    Raiatea parakeet
    Raoul Island scrubfowl

19. According to popular belief, the extermination of this island bird in 1894 was caused by a cat belonging to lighthouse keeper David Lyall.
    Solomon Island crowned pigeon
    Spectacled cormorant
    Stephens Island wren
    Sulu bleeding-heart

20. Two portraits of this species discovered in 1774, one of a male and one of a female, hang in the Natural History Museum in London, England. The only two known bird specimens have since been lost.
    Tinamou, Magdalena
    Tahitian sandpiper
    Tristan moorhen
    Tanna ground dove

21. This bird was an unusual type of game bird whose ancestry can be traced back 10 million years.
    Ua Pu monarch
    Undulated tinamou
    Upland moa

22. This bird is known only from a single specimen collected in Xinjiang, China in 1929.
    Vaurie's nightjar
    Vanga, Short-toed nuthatch
    Vella Lavella ground dove
    Vinous-tinted thrush

23. This bird was eaten into extinction by starving Japanese troops during the final years of World War Two (1939-45).
    White-eyed river martin
    Wake Island rail
    Wood rail, Samoan
    Warbler, Aldabra

24. This bird, on the IUCN Red List as "threatened", can be found occupying the wet meadows and shallow marshes across Canada and Northern USA.
    Yellow rail
    Yaldwyns wren
    Yellow-billed spoonbill
    Yakushima seven island thrush

25. This species is known only from a single mysterious feather imported into England in 1871.
    Tweety Bird
    Foghorn Leghorn
    Big Bird
    Double-banded argus pheasant

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