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"Wild, Wild West "

Created by mike29th

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Wild Wild West, The
Wild Wild West game quiz
"General questions on the popular 60's TV series."

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1. The first episode of "Wild, Wild West" introduced the audience to what style of travel used by the secret agents?
    hot air balloon
    private train

2. Which actor starred as secret agent James T. West?
    Rory Calhoun
    Ross Martin
    William Conrad
    Robert Conrad

3. West's partner, Artemus Gordon, was played by who?
    Ross Martin
    William Schallert
    Charles Aidman
    Alan Hale Jr.

4. Agent James West was always getting something out of his sleeve at just the right moment. What did he never get out of his sleeve?
    climbing claws
    ace of spades
    vial of acid

5. The pilot episode, "The Night of the Inferno" featured which actress who would later go on to TV stardom in a sitcom?
    Penny Marshall
    Suzanne Pleshette
    Suzanne Sommers
    Florence Henderson

6. Michael Dunn played which "Wild, Wild West" villain?
    Furman Crotty
    Count Manzeppi
    Dr. Miguelito Loveless
    Zack Slade

7. Which actor did not appear in an episode of the "Wild, Wild West"?
    Sammy Davis, Jr.
    Frank Sinatra
    Peter Lawford
    Carroll O'Connor

8. Artemus Gordon was the master of disguise. Who did Gordon not impersonate on the show?
    General Robert E. Lee
    Ned Bluntline
    General Grant
    General Sherman

9. Which "Bonanza" regular appeared as a villain in an episode of the "Wild, Wild West."
    Lorne Greene
    Dan Blocker
    Pernell Roberts
    Michael Landon

10. The "Wild, Wild West" was canceled in 1969 because of network concerns about excessive what?

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