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Oh My! I said what?!

Created by tiffanyram

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Oh My I said what game quiz
"Cognates make it easy for a learner of Spanish to get the meaning of something they haven't seen before. However, there are also many false cognates lurking out there to make for some very embarrassing situations for the speaker!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. First, I was talking to my friend from Mexico and I accidentally stepped in a pile of dog poo. I was extremely embarrassed, so I said to him 'Estoy embarazada.' He gave me a funny look and asked if I was sure. What had I just told him?
    I'm ugly
    I'm pregnant
    You're an animal
    I am sick

2. After getting over my initial embarrassment, we continued to talk. We passed a pastry shop and having a craving for some pie, I told him, 'Quiero comer pie.' Well he was rolling on the ground laughing at me and I thought I couldn't possibly have done anything wrong this time. What was my mistake?
    He was laughing at my pronounced American accent.
    Nothing. I said everything correctly.
    The Spanish word 'pie' means 'foot'.
    They don't have pie in Mexico.

3. Could this day get any worse? Well it can, and my next mistake proves it. I have seen the word 'quitar' in several different books, and I want to use it because I think it means 'to quit' and I need to tell my friend that I have quit my job. Would 'quitar' be the correct word to use?

4. Well, by now I am pretty avergonzado because I just can't seem to get this language thing to work. My friend and I continue walking and he tells me that he wants to find some 'globos' for his three-year-old sister. I am confused as to why a three-year-old would want a globe, and I am even more confused when we walk into a party store. What is it that he really wants to buy her?

5. Now that I know that 'quitar' means 'to take off', I decide to be nice to the next person I see by informing him that he has a rope tied to his leg. I decide that the best way to do this is to say, 'Quítese la ropa!'. My friend informs me that it isn't polite to say things like that on the street. What have I just asked the man to do?
    Hang himself with the rope.
    Take off his clothes.
    Eat the rope.
    Burn the rope.

6. After all this walking I am rather sweaty and decide to head to the hotel to take a shower. Once there, I realize that there is no soap in the bathroom so I call down to the front desk and ask them to bring me some 'sopa'. When the doorbell rings, I open it and find, not a bar of soap, but a bowl of _________ waiting for me.

7. Oh my! Will I ever learn to speak Spanish correctly? I'm beginning to think that I can't stick my foot in my mouth anymore when I start to read the newspaper. I read the following sentence and I get extremely confused: "Juan y Pablo chocaron hoy en el parque." I am upset that my two best friends would resort to choking each other after being friends for so long. Which of the words in the sentence did I not understand and what does it mean in English?

8. Ok, now I have a little matching exercise for you. Which of the following is a false cognate and is therefore mismatched with its English equivalent?
    carro--car (Lt. Am.)

9. Again, pick which one of the following is a false cognate and incorrectly matched with its English meaning.

10. Lastly, many Spanish words look similar to English words in written form, making them look like cognates. Their pronunciation can vary. One such word is 'hay' which looks like this English word hay. Which of the following is the real definition of hay?
    there is, there are

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Compiled Jan 18 13