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'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Created by iznibs

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Twas the Night Before Christmas game quiz
"This quiz is on the 1974 television special that is still played every Christmas season."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The story begins at what time?
    3 minutes to midnight Christmas Eve
    6am Christmas morning
    3 seconds to midnight Christmas Eve
    It only states the date, not the time.

2. What is the name of the boy mouse who wrote the editorial about Santa?

3. How was the editorial signed that appeared in the paper?
    All of Us
    J2AS - Junctionville Juveniles Against Santa

4. How did the town find out that Santa was mad at them?
    He didn't make a scheduled appearance at the local mall.
    He notified the mayor via email.
    He didn't deliver any presents on Christmas Eve.
    Their letters to him were returned unopened.

5. What is Mr. Trundle's actual occupation?
    Clock maker

6. Supply the next line of the song. "Christmas chimes are ringing Santa, Santa."
    "We really are so sorry Santa, Santa"
    "Can't you hear us singing?"
    "Now even a miracle needs a hand"
    "Every heart recalling Santa, Santa"

7. When Father Mouse shows his son the effects of his letter about Santa, which of the following is NOT an example shown?
    Toymakers were put out-of-business.
    The school's best artist destroyed his pictures of Santa.
    The children's hospital no longer had laughter.
    Mr. Trundle was diligently creating a clock to attract Santa back.

8. Who did the voice of Joshua Trundle?
    Mickey Rooney
    George Gobel
    Joel Grey
    Burl Ives

9. After the Trundle children state there's really no reason to hang stockings this year, Mr. Trundle breaks into what song?
    "Even a Miracle Needs a Hand"
    "There's More to the World Than Meets the Eye"
    "Give Your Heart a Try"
    "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"

10. What annoying habit does the mayor have?
    He bites his nails.
    He tries unsuccessfully to use big words.
    He falls asleep during Town Hall meetings.
    He says "umm" a lot while speaking.

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