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Created by koshiro

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Invincible game quiz
"Here's a quiz on the inspirational movie "Invincible"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This movie is based on the true story of Eagles wide receiver Vince Papale.

2. What is the name of the coach played by Greg Kinnear?
    Vince Papale
    Dick Vermeil
    Fred Biletnikoff
    Vince Lombardi

3. While Vince's hours as a substitute teacher dwindle, what other job does Vince do part-time as an important source of income?
    Little League Coaching
    Car Salesman
    Car Washer

4. How does Vince get his chance at becoming a pro football player?
    The assistant coach calls him to training camp.
    He is discovered at a football game amongst friends.
    He goes to open tryouts.
    After finishing his short college career at Villanova he enters the NFL draft.

5. What is Janet's favorite NFL team?
    Philadelphia Eagles
    New York Giants
    Dallas Cowboys
    Green Bay Packers

6. During training camp what does Vince do to get a small edge in the wide receiver races?
    He puts on a quarterback's shoulder pads.
    He changes his running technique.
    He puts on shoes with specially made cleats.
    He gets into the other players heads by trash-talking.

7. Vince gets advice from one of his veteran teammates on reading a blocking stance. During one of the scrimmages what does Vince look at that tells him how the lineman will be blocking him?
    an eye movement
    a hand plant
    a neck turn
    leg stance

8. What big play during the football game led Vince to score an NFL touchdown?
    a blocked punt and recovery
    a punt return runback
    a kick return runback
    a forced fumble and recovery

9. Do Vince and Janet become involved?

10. What team is NOT shown playing the Eagles?
    Dallas Cowboys
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Green Bay Packers
    New York Giants

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Compiled Jun 28 12