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"Lisey's Story" - Scott's Sayings

Created by Bungo

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Lisey's Story
Liseys Story  Scotts Sayings game quiz
"Scott Landon, Lisey's deceased husband, is a constant presence in "Lisey's Story". Here's a quiz on his way with words."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What did Scott often refer to his desk as?
    The hell-hole
    Paradise Regained
    Big Mama
    Dumbo's big Jumbo

2. How did Scott like to describe something that was "very big" in a comical way?
    Absoloootley huh-yooge
    Puffickly huh-yooge
    Puffickly gi-normous
    Absoloootley gi-normous

3. What name did Scott give to the fans who thought they had picked up secret messages hidden in his books?
    Landon's Superfreaks
    Deep Space Cowboys
    Members of the Out There Gang

4. What did Scott call power-lines?
    The delivery service
    Cell phone disruptors
    UFO refueling stations

5. What did Scott term the holiday they took to New Hampshire a month before their wedding?
    Their test-drive honeymoon
    Their early honeymoon
    Their frontloaded honeymoon
    Their trip in sin

6. What was the name Scott gave Lisey's old Lexus?
    Lisey's Lovely Lexus
    Lisey's Sexy Lexus
    Lexus Perplexus
    The Feckless Lexus

7. What is the triangular corner of Scott's study called?
    The nostalgia corner
    Memories 'r' us
    The everything nook
    The memory nook

8. What did Scott used to ask Lisey to see how she was doing and make sure things were ok?
    Answer: (Three Words no punctuation)

9. When they got married, what did Scott call his black suit?
    "My funeral suit"
    "My partying suit"
    "My sober suit"
    "My undertaker's suit"

10. When telling Lisey about his childhood, Scott says that he was made to stand on a bench by his father who would continue to hurt his brother until Scott jumped down. What did he yell to give him courage?

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Compiled Jun 28 12