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Playing the Same Role; Movies vs. Television [1]

Created by skunkee

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : TV & Movies Mixture
Playing the Same Role Movies vs Television 1 game quiz
"Some of these characters started life on a television show, and others were first seen in a movie. Whichever the case, they have all been seen on both. Can you figure out who they are?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This simple man was able to take his family from rags to riches due to some lucky hunting. He was played in the television series by Buddy Ebsen, and by Jim Varney in the movie. Who was this man who never really left his simple roots behind?
    Boss Hogg
    Jethro Bodine
    Jed Clampett
    Rosco Coltrane

2. This nose-twitching beauty was played by Elizabeth Montgomery on TV and by Nicole Kidman in the movie. What charmer have I described?
    Gil Holroyd
    Sabrina Spellman
    Samantha Stephens
    Sally Owens

3. This caped crusader was played by Adam West on the small screen, and covered by such notable actors as Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale on the silver screen. Which crime fighter has been blessed by these, and so many other, fine interpretations?
    Answer: (One Word)

4. This displaced doctor was first portrayed on the silver screen by Donald Sutherland, and then by Alan Alda in the television series. Which mobile surgeon was this?
    Trapper John McIntyre
    Hawkeye Pierce
    B.J. Hunnicut
    Henry Blake

5. This police detective was first portrayed by Jack Webb in the original television series. Dan Aykroyd took on a role with the same name in the film based on the movie, and Ed O'Neill played the part in an updated series of the same name. Which serious, but effective sergeant gave us "just the facts"?
    Joe Friday
    Dick Tracy
    Jim Rockford
    Steve McGarrett

6. Former Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller played this swinger in a series of films, and Ron Ely played him on the short lived television series. Christopher Lambert has also played the part on the silver screen, and Tony Goldwyn gave his voice talents to the Disney animated character. Which popular role has seen these, as well as other portrayals?
    John Carter
    George of the Jungle

7. This ultra-cool police detective was played by Paul Michael Glaser in the television series, and by Ben Stiller in the movie. What proud owner of a red and white Ford Torino was this?
    Frank Furillo
    Rico Tubbs
    Sonny Crockett
    David Starsky

8. Boris Karloff gave voice to the made-for-TV animated special, and Jim Carrey donned the suit for the movie. Which Christmas hating villain was this?
    Answer: (One Word)

9. The eccentric head of this, shall we say unusual family, was first portrayed on the small screen by John Astin. Raul Julia did justice to the role in two movies based on the series. Glenn Taranto assumed the role for a short-lived updated series but the voice of the animated version of the series was not listed. Who was this ghoulish man?
    Gomez Addams
    Barnabas Collins
    Herman Munster
    Uncle Fester

10. This dashing archaeologist was played by Harrison Ford in the movie franchise, and by Sean Patrick Flanery in the short-lived television series. What cracking good character was this?
    Indiana Jones
    Alan Grant
    Rick O'Connell
    Stanley Livingston

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