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Old Television Series on DVD Part 2

Created by skunkee

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Old Television Series on DVD Part 2 game quiz
"Watching the great old television series on DVD has become a favourite pastime around my house. It's amazing just how many of the old series are available now. Join me in a walk down Memory Lane!"

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1. It would be hard enough to be married and still living at home, but when your father was a rather opinionated bigot, who was fond of calling your husband a meathead, things could get rather tense! What funny and controversial series was this?
    The Jeffersons
    All in the Family
    My Family

2. This investigative reporter always managed to track down stories that dealt with supernatural creatures of the night. He always found enough evidence to convince us, the viewers, of the existence of these creatures, but never really managed to convince his editor. What interesting series was this?
    Dark Shadows
    The Addams Family
    Kolchak: The Night Stalker

3. This weekly comedy relied on a variety of different sketches to make us laugh. A cast of regulars, usually joined by one or maybe two guest stars, played different characters in a bunch of different skits. Which weekly show, whose gracious host often included a question and answer period with the audience, was this?
    The Bill Cosby Show
    The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    The Carol Burnett Show
    The Ed Sullivan Show

4. Take one stand-up comedian, one ex-girlfriend, one wacky neighbour and one friend who somehow manages to keep losing his job, throw in some good writing, and you have the basis for a great half-hour comedy show. What show, about nothing at all, was this?
    Answer: (One Word)

5. This police commissioner had a more hands-on approach than most commissioners did, usually diving in to get the job done himself. He was usually helped, or hindered by his somewhat eccentric wife, their no-nonsense housekeeper, and his always polite, but somewhat incompetent sergeant. What police drama was this?
    McMillan and Wife
    Quincy and Wife

6. This sitcom gave us an idealized scenario of what happened when a single mom with three girls married a single dad with three boys. Which show, often a little on the preachy side, was this?
    The Partridge Family
    Eight is Enough
    The Brady Bunch

7. This half hour comedy focused on the culture shock of a big city lawyer and his high fashion wife deciding to return to a simpler life, and moving to the small town of Hooterville. What funny show was this, which also starred Arnold?
    Hee Haw
    Petticoat Junction
    Green Acres
    Beverly Hillbillies

8. When her money flew south with a dishonest investment advisor, Maddie only had her Blue Moon detective agency to fall back on. Coupled with the firm's one legitimate detective, the wise-cracking David Addison, they set about solving cases. What show, where we waited weekly as the sexual tension between them built, was this?
    Remington Steele
    Alias Smith and Jones
    Charlie's Angels

9. This special branch of the state's police force had a lot of authority and never failed to get their man. No matter how devious and smart the bad guys thought they were, it was only a matter of time before they heard the inevitable "Book 'em Danno!" What police show was this?
    Barney Miller
    Hawaii Five-O

10. This weekly series presented us with a different story each week, usually a horror story, or one to make you question your sanity. Directed by one of the great masters, this legend prefaced each show with an introduction, filled with his own brand of caustic humour. Which show, in which the opening credits showed the host stepping into a stylized drawing of his profile, was this?
    Mystery Theatre
    The Twilight Zone
    Alfred Hitchcock Presents
    Ellery Queen

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Compiled Jun 28 12